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  • Justin Trpeski Newbie   2 reviews
    Great food, thoroughly enjoyed !

    4 days ago - 17/04/2015

  • Adam.meaken Newbie   2 reviews
    Great food, great atmosphere, loved it!!

    3 weeks ago - 31/03/2015

  • liam24 Newbie   1 review
    A good place to eat in an unexpected area! We are new in town and thought we would check it out. Love the fact that they serve breakfast all day. Good menu items, food was good, service was

    2 months ago - 15/02/2015

  • emily haydon   4 reviews
    Best food i have ever had in my life in a restaurant. I really like the atmosphere and service here.

    2 months ago - 30/01/2015

  • zacdominic   4 reviews
    I Love this place, not only the food quality but also the atmosphere in the restaurant is good.

    5 months ago - 20/11/2014

  • davidaustin550   3 reviews
    The interior of this restaurant is good, but the quality of food is much better. This is best option when you wants to eat some good food.

    5 months ago - 19/11/2014

  • Samuel Wootton Newbie   1 review
    I just ate here last week, and all I can say is. Great taste for a BIG appetite!

    6 months ago - 22/09/2014

  • CharlotteCampbell Newbie   1 review
    This is the ideal place to go out with friends. During my last stay hare, I have great time. Nothing extra special, but the music was playing quiet, the service was well, not many loudly customers near, so we could enjoy our meal.

    7 months ago - 02/09/2014

  • MatchWalker Newbie   1 review
    Great service and kind waiters. I'm coming there back for sure!

    7 months ago - 31/08/2014

  • carpet n pest guys   10 reviews
    love this place awesome food

    11 months ago - 20/05/2014

  • Waren Topaz   8 reviews
    I really love this restaurant. Atmosphere is good... food delicious... They got a beautiful place.. Love It !
  • hopefuljourno   7 reviews
    beautiful located, the dcor is amazing, the quality is impeccable.
    I recommend this place, my family loved it.
  • Howard Adams   9 reviews
    Good food, I am not very picky, but I do feel the taste of the food and I know when food is tasteless. Not the case in Sahra's restaurant. I loved everything about it - the place was cosy and the staff polite and friendly. It is a bit pricey however, but the location is worth it.
  • illusiontechtester Newbie   1 review
    the atmosphere was very nice & the taste of food was also good..
  • ZoeHearn Newbie   1 review
    We went there on Friday, with my boyfriend. The employees were welcoming. The restaurant is actually not a spacious one. However, it can be defined as a cosy place with relaxing atmosphere.
    Our order was the popular Chicken Beirut. The price was not so low - approximately $24 -$25 (but still the meal is worth a try!).
    The chicken breasts were precisely-prepared for us. The mushroom sauce was a nice addition to the main strong flavours.
    I recommend visiting the Sahra restaurant.
    You can choose from various meals and special desserts. My favourite dessert is the Rice pudding. You will love it, too!
  • miss_blue99   3 reviews
    Tasty food. Great location and if u get the banquet get ready for large portions of meat! I'd say it's pretty delicious value :) def worth the experience if u haven't been and highly recommend on an evening when they have music and belly dancing
  • Petal05   21 reviews
    I won't be going back after my experience. A group of 50 of us went for dinner; all pre booked and pre paid. The food was had was ok but for the price we paid there wasn't much of it. The restaurant temperature was way too hot and the music way too loud. Our whole group crowded out onto the balcony so we could chat in comfort. Staff were rude; they would not turn the music down or turn the air con on. I was really really disappointed.
  • DanMK Newbie   1 review
    I have been here a few times for dinner and I highly recommend it! The food, atmosphere, service and location cannot be faulted. On weekends they have a belly dancer and DJ play from around 9pm which is really fun and something different to the usual restaurants. They serve Argileh there too, which is always a hit with my fianc.
    My fianc and I loved the restaurant so much that we had our engagement there. On the night the restaurant looked beautiful, the staff were very friendly and accommodating and the food was fantastic. We have had so many guests comment on the food and the excellent level of service they received on the night by not only the staff but the manager, Simon. A lot of them have said they will be going back there for dinner, which I believe says a lot. We had a great time at Sahra. Thank you Simon + the team for an amazing night! We will definitely be back.
  • LiamLife   21 reviews
    they served great foods, the staffs are quite rude when we asked about the menu. i tend to ask where is there management but nobody get my attention. the place was like nice but not a good place to go back.
  • ErinDennis Newbie   2 reviews
    Descent portions, pleasant atmosphere and acceptable pricing. I recommend ordering the seafood dishes.
    For romantic dinner - choose tasty wine from their wine list. I usually buy the Chateau Fakra Cabernet Sauvignon or the Audrey Wilkinson Rose. The second mentioned one is rose and is quite nice.
  • mzthing Local Star   115 reviews
    Absolutely love this place! The food is awesome and plentiful. Whenever i visit i go with a group of people usually to celebrate a birthday and we order the banquet. The service is fantastic and the view is glorious. I highly recommend this place especially if you want a banquette style dinner. For the amount of food you receive the price is very reasonable. If you haven't been make sure you make the effort to try this place out.
  • adriongeorge   3 reviews
    not bad food but to be honest i will not recommend going there again ....
  • bigzack   5 reviews
    Simply an amazing place!
    Been here few times already and I could honestly say that the food and the service are excellent!
    Portions are always served fast and warm (depending on the dish of course) and with smile. Staff seem to be like people who have no problems at all, always smiley, polite, kind and welcoming. Could say that this place offers a great hospitality. Prices are average considering the high quality of the food offered.
  • SimonH.   10 reviews
    What's really cool about this restaurant is that the quality of work that they do for other people. :) The staff are very polite and welcoming.
  • tiger1978 Newbie   1 review
    I heard about this resto as its been here for a long time so we decided to give it a try. Service was excellent and they staff were bery polite. Food was great, we had the seafood platter, great value. You can tell the owners have been in the game a long time. I will definately be back.
  • JohnPaul   2 reviews
    We were hesitant to attend a Lebanese restaurant restaurant in the south, we usually go to Cleveland st or Greenacre. We went with a deal lovers gift voucher, we went on a Tuesday night and it was very busy, we provided our voucher and within minutes the meezze plates started to come out. Lucky we were hungry you would need to experience a Kings feast by dining there we must have had 11 or 12 plates. The mezzes were so tasty and filling we struggled to eat the tender meat platters. We obviously took them home :) wrapped in warm Lebanese bread. It was enough for dinner for us on Wednesday :).
    I would recommend Sahra Brighton le Sands to even the Arabs it was so authentic and tasty. yummmmmmm

  • Parge Local Star   235 reviews
    Are these other Truelocal reviewers serious? I mean one line reviews are often flattering when you don't have to give specific reason why. So here's my reasons for half a star.

    Starts with the atmosphere. I didn't feel I was in the middle east, but really felt I was in a dodgy restaurant in any backward suburb, anywhere are around the world. I also felt it was rather too big, I appreciate that they can do functions and alike, but when your having diner with your partner and so many table are empty, you lose a lot of the ambiance and removes the word intimate.

    Moving on to the food, which I normally love from this part of the world. I tried the Mishawee Skewers of lamb, chicken and kafta, tabouli, hummus, garlic sauce and fries, for about $25 I felt the fries were oily and the chicken and especially the lamb was dry. I appreciate that they prepare meat a lot drier than at other types of restaurants, but this started to get "tough" and un-enjoyable rather than great food.

    This was enough for me, whilst my partner had some gelato. I warned her that it wasn't going to be Italian gelato, and the 3 scoops though generous in size wasn't what she had hoped.

    Lastly to illustrate how bad things have gone for "Sahara" they have started advertising on Living Social, as a rule I only subscribe to Living Social to know which restaurants are on the downhill slide, desperate to get customers and essential have been ripping off their customers as they can afford to give away 50% off! Worse of the coupon companies, and Sahara's association with them backs up ratings.

  • mikewww   6 reviews
    Amazing place to come with your family
  • The user Foodie   116 reviews
    This is one of the Best places to have a meal - nice prices good atmosphere and views. feels very local
    • Mz_Gomez  
      Sahras makes beautiful food, i regularly attend and im never dissapointed. beautiful atmosphere and argily outside on a summer night. yumm




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