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Reviews of Salsa's Fresh Mex Grill

  • Parge Local Star 254 reviews
    Seriously I do not understand how this place or any of the Salsa places are in business. I am pretty fair and give them all at least one chance, so I am not painting them all with one brush.

    But lets focus on Bondi franchise. Food took for ever! For an eatery this is pretty bad! Secondly the chips in the nachos were burnt or under cooked. I left over half as they were burnt. But the key for me with so much choice in the eatery, is taste, or rather the lack thereof. I mean I have eaten Mexican all around the world, and Salsa Bondi have somehow removed all taste from their nachos and Burritos which we tried.

    How can you remove taste from guacamole? The mince had some pepper added but that was it. After all this it isn't cheap either. Never again.
  • great food, great prices. i'm a regular customer :)
  • The servng sizes are good and they taste fresh. The only issue is that there can be a wait at busy times, but considering it is all made fresh, you can't really complain!

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