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Reviews of Salt 'n' Battered

  • Fish was inedible,Drowned in oil and soggy. Threw it out after two mouthfuls. Potato scallops were nice but one was undercooked and hard. Chips were average. Would not go there again as threw out 70% of my meal :(
  • What a fantastic fish & chip shop, the best seafood in the world. The staff are lovely and the food is awesome. They are the best fish n chips ever. The staff always present your food nicely and its always so fresh. The prawns are to die for, they are so fresh and really lovely tasty seafood. We are so lucky to have this awesome fish n chip shop in murrumba downs. Great work guys, keep up the good work. You've won a customer for life.
  • BLEY 12 reviews
    EXPENSIVE, POOR QUALITY & HORRIBLE SERVICE! I will never go back after I was rudely spoken to and the staff behind the counter made rude comments. I recommend Nessies Fish and Chip Shop in North lakes! Best Fish and Chips of my life!
  • Since this is a very busy fish and chip shop we thought we'd give this place a go. How disappointing...the chips didn't taste fresh and crisp(considering how busy the place is you'd expect the chips to always be fresh. The fish was ok, no complaints there and the meal was served quickly. Just an average fish and chip shop. My expectations were obviously too high.
  • i put my order through, was 10 cents short of the required $10 eftpos so they said i couldnt use it (I had no cash) I asked just to put an extra 10 cents to my bill to make it $10, but they said that they wouldnt do that, so I said i either dont pay and walk out and you have wasted your cooking or you can add the 10 cents, they said that i would need to purchase something else I said no, i said that i wouldnt have the chips and walked away.
    I was a little frustrated, but thats what u get when you hire young people who cant think outside the square.
  • Their homemade potato scallops are amazing. I've never ordered fish from them, but their chips with chicken salt are delicious.

    Make sure you call before you order, this place takes forever to cook the most simplest things. A large chips can take upwards to 25 minutes because they're so busy with other orders.

    Decent service, the staff aren't too overly enthusiastic or friendly, but not rude.
  • Piles of chips with your order and very nice gravy.
    The burgers have to be some of the worst i have tasted, not much better than the microwave ones you can buy in the supermarket. While the fish was well cooked it had no taste, the seafood sticks were overcooked. This place has potential but really needs to cut the "save a few cents" budget burgers from the menu and go back to simple to make homestyle type.


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