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Saltwater Seafood. So fresh.

Serving nothing but quality seafood in a relaxing and peaceful beach setting on the New South Wales South Coast. 
You can find all types of seafood, everything from prawns and oysters to fish and surd and turf.
We pride ourselves on having amazing tasting food that is quite literally ocean fresh.  
Prices are reasonable and our atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. Please contact us for further information. 

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  • Salt n Pepper   9 reviews
    A great little caf. Have the BEST seafood chowder this side of Boston. Highly recommended. Service is always good for such a busy place. Prices are reasonable and it is family friendly. Plenty of outside seating too. If you are in Kiama try their chowder - it's the best.
  • Angelica Joy   4 reviews
    I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct Restaurant but if this is the one connected/owned by the same people as the Ice Creamery I found their food excellent! Price was great and food was very fresh seafood!

    I personally had great service from them but I did find the Gentleman serving to be a bit annoyed with a family who kept changing their orders, I found this reasonable as there was a long line awaiting to order and they took nearly 5 mins to place their order.

  • Rhonda Saunders Newbie   1 review
    Hi there, had an experience the other night that I needed to share. My family and I felt like fish and chips for dinner last Friday night. We rocked up at one of the other fish and chip shops in Kiama, but were treated quite rudely by the woman there. This was not the first negative experience we have had with her, so at that moment we decided not to continue with our order and go somewhere else...... We ended up at your restaurant where, to our delight we were greeted by two polite, young men with lovely warm smiles. We also ordered a coffee at the front counter and were again greeted by a polite young woman. To top it off our meals were delicious, and as we were leaving one of the young men went out of his way to say thank you to us again..... I had intended writing a letter of complaint to the other shop owner, but instead I thought it would be better to write to you and thank you for providing such good service and food, and to thank your young workers for an enjoyable experience. I hope you pass this on to them. Well done Saltwater!
  • Colin L Newbie   2 reviews
    Dear Proprietor, It saddens me to be the first to give you a review and for it to be in the negative. However, this is only with the good intentions of improving your business.

    On Sunday last, myself and a good friend frequented your establishment to purchase meals. You call yourself a restaurant but we had to walk inside to order from the back counter area and then pay in advance before we sat down. This in itself is not really an acceptable practice with the title of restaurant on your webpage!

    I ordered grilled fish with salad while my friend ordered a Greek salad. Prior to ordering, my friend had asked the persons serving us what size the salad would be and was shown with the waitpersons hand and what seemed to be a reasonable sized amount for her. This order also include a cappucino. I duly paid the amount and we sat outside waiting for our number to be called. In what seemed an eternity we were both eventually served our meals... hers being so small as to what was expected and mine was a severely broken piece of a small fish on a bed of chips. I asked the young person (another thing... no name tags for identification) if she could return it to have for me to have with a salad that I had ordered. She took it away very politely and promptly returned with the same plate a few moments later proclaiming that I could have the chips and that the salad would arrive soon! Satisfied with this we continued on and ate what we could while awaiting this salad and the coffee to arrive. After some 20 minutes or so I went inside and asked one of the young girls where these items were. I was told that she would have the coffee made immediately and bring it out to us. After another 15 minutes I again went back to the front counter and enquired as to where the coffee is. She in her good humour apologised profusely and said she too had got caught up in others things and had forgotten. In the meantime I awaited the arrival of my salad... which had still not arrived!! The coffee was presented and we both waited a little longer for the said salad. Some twenty more minutes had then elapsed and we stood to leave... without my salad!

    As you are in such a prime location I would like to see your standard of service lifted a little to give more satisfaction to your customers. Even while seated there I had overheard others around me make comments on certain aspects they were not happy with!

    Please do not take this as being personal but as a way of improvement to your customers and reputation.

    Thanking you


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