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Reviews of San Churro

  • i come here a lot to treat myself, i love the churros with the white chocolate dipping sauce. coffee is quite good as well
  • Great coffee and chocolate, nice place to come out for dessert. Right next to the cinema as well, and seating is nicely located.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    Has a great time with friends here after we craved some chocolate goodness after dinner. Located on the top floor of the Chatswood Westfield, San Churros seems to be the only place open (apart from Hoyts Cinema) and it is buzzing on a Friday night! We ordered a few plates of 'Churros for 2'... and the Churros come out piping hot and fresh. You can choose what type of melted chocolate you would like them to be served with, white, dark or milk. Coupled with a hot chocolate or a coffee, this is a great place to spend a few hours with friends.
  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    The San Churro's ice cream sundaes are delicious. I would definitely recommend.
  • Waldoeview Cafe Crowd 118 reviews
    Waldo you know that moment, you came for one thing and found something so wonderful you forgot the reason you were there to begin?

    Missus says, "I want to show you a shop," we end up at San Churro. I've had the chocolate before and yes some are moreish indeed though, today i just wanted a coffee.

    Presentacin de la Mocha espaola!! Espectacular el caf!! HOT thick syrup that oozed elegance...YES i'm talking of a coffee, a mocha. WOW!!!

    Unlike any other Mocha you will experience, absolutely sublime. Forget the Chocolate.

    Missus enjoyed her wonderfully chocolate chiller,I forget the name, yet it was like someone had combined a block of dark chocolate with some milk with a touch of citrus, this drink also beautiful.

    Take the few extra minutes to find San Churro and you will return every time, just for the coffee.


    N.B. Presenting the Spanish Mocha, a spectacular coffee.
  • Parge Local Star 254 reviews
    Though I wouldn't go so far as the "Next Max Brennan" I will say it's pretty damn good and really love their Ice Chocolate which is "my regular" at any San Churro. Super rich think Chocalate. (there is enough on the side of the glass you could scrape it off and add it to a Gloria Jeans Ice Coffee to give their iced chocolate some taste).

    Haven't really tried the food here, but the coffee and other chocolate based drinks are simply awesome and well worth a visit.

    Minus one star for the staff, and minus one staff for the consistent rude customers, who are encouraged to be obnoxious by the San Churro staff. The San Churro staff and fellow patrons simply don't have "restaraunt voices" or the concept that they are indoors and there are others around them, who don't like to shout over a drink of chocolate.
  • Situated further from the hustle and bustle of crazy shoppers, Chocolateria San Churro is perfect for those cold winter months where you wish you were snuggled up in bed for weeks at a time. Their hot chocolate is divine, but extremely thick - those who have difficult handling sickly sweet drinks should probably avoid it. The churros are tiny in comparison to traditional churros, and instead of sugar and cinnamon they are sprinkled with icing sugar and served with your choice of dark, milk or white melted chocolate pots. I personally have only ever visited this place when it has been quiet and the service has been standard - the typical order taking at the counter and relatively quick service so I cannot make complaints there. My only complaint would have been that their glasses near the free water stand were considerably dirty - and water is almost a prerequisite when indulging in this much chocolate!
  • Good quality and interesting drinks and food... although not very original. However there is one reason why I will never come back and will never recommend this place to anybody, who likes him/her self. TERRIBLE, misunderstanding and anything, but helpful SERVICE. What could have been a nice afternoon chocolate time with my girlfriend turn into a HUGE disappointment. Next time will rather go to one of yours friendlier competitor.
  • This san churro is similar to the other ones around Sydney - which is great. The hot chocolate is rich and the churro's are fresh if you go during peak times. My favourite type of chocolate is the dark as the milk can get a bit too sweet for my taste. Highly recommend that you try this when you get a chance.
  • If you are a chocolate fan it's hard to go wrong with San Churro, but the chocolate here is a fair bit sweeter than other chocolateries - I frequently find it 'too much' (but keep going because my friends are fans and it's easy to get to). There are some great desserts though and the hot chocolates are pretty good - my favourite is the Hot n Cold, a thick hot chocolate with a scoop of icecream in it.

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