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San Remo Pizza Parlour

Hillarys, WA
Open today - 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Mon 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Tue 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Wed 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Reviews of San Remo Pizza Parlour

  • Greeted by a staff who refused to make eye contact while taking my order, responding with grunts. Despite their being 1 table of people in the 'restaurant', the average pizzas took a long time to make. Would rather poke myself in the eye than go back there
  • I have being enjoying the pizza's from San Remo's over for nearly 30 years. When I was a kid we lived in craigie and I still remember Friday nights as pizza night and my dad and I picking up the pizza.
    I loved the pizza then and I still do now!!
    I have lived away and come back to the area quite a few times over the last 30years and still can not believe that there is only one decent place to get home delivery and only place that actually makes good enjoyable tasty food.
    What I am most impressed about- late Wednesday night we where really hungry and thought we would see if they where still open? When we walked in- we noticed that they where about to close and everything was turned off and put away and place was cleaned ready to close doors and go home for the night.
    We spoke to The owner and asked if there was any chance that he could stay and make us a pizza? We did not expect for one minute that he would turn around and end up saying yes!!

    I was so impressed that he didn't seem to care at all that we where putting him out and making him turn ovens back on and that he had to go into the fridge and unpack all the ingredients to make the most delicious pizza Eva.
    I don't like buying any fast food and was not wanting to have to buy something that I don't enjoy at all.
    So all I can say is that until you try the pizza's from San remo and until you have your own experience with the staff? Don't let other bad reviews stop you!!
    As I am a very fussy hard to impress customer and I will alway buy my pizza from there for as long as I can!!
    Thank you to bossie for making two hungry lady's very happy and thankyou for the special treatment and great customer service !!
  • After ordering a pizza from this establishment not only did they send me the wrong pizza (which is forgivable ) i rang back to inform them of their error the staff was most apologetic and offered to resend me the correct one 15 minutes later I get a call back from the management who in an abusive and angry voice told me I didn't get the wrong pizza which I did and when I tried to speak management jumped down my throat and to my shock told me to shut my mouth and to never call their again. Now having a family who manages business' in the customer service industry and knowing what good customer service is I could not believe anyone would talk to a customer like this. 5 minutes later I had the staff call me back who must be the only one there who understands the importance of customer service staff apologized profusely for the management's disgusting attitude and confirmed what I already knew telling me I did actually get the wrong pizza and offered to send the right one to me which I refused as I will never have anything to do with such down right abusive establishment I urge anyone thinking of ordering from here to go to one of the many other respectable establishment in the local area which will probably be a lot cleaner and definitely a lot more polite Maybe they made good pizza 35 years ago but I think they are starting to lose the plot needless to say i will never eat there again.
  • Good value pizza parlour,the Mexican pizza is great. I admit the service has been very disappointing in the past which lead me to boycott their pizzas for over 12 months but having returned there on a couple of occasions recently I have been more impressed with their attitude towards clients and each other.
  • Dirty. Children running through kitchen. Rude staff. Bad pizza.
  • I have never experienced worse service. EVER. The staff making the pizza was not wearing gloves and had her long hair out. Other employees were yelling and swearing at each other. my pizza took almost an hour while I waited and they didn't even get them right.
    There were also two children running through the kitchen and around the counter, presumably belonging to staff.
  • Nice pizza freshly made, good value. better than pizza hut or dominos.
  • Very average pizza and down right unfriendly service. This would be the worst I've ever known. Better off throwing a frozen pizza in the microwave. I won't be wasting my time and money there again.
  • san remo your the best. i know you guys have been around for 35 years or more now. the pizzas are as original as the first day you started. i read in the year 2000 that you were voted best pizzas in perth from the UWA survey. when talking to john the old man that still rolls and makes pizzas 7 nites a week every day of the year. john had the first pizzashop in perth in the 70s called pizza Napoli in northbridage. then he ended up running 3 san remos at one time. Inglewood, midland and Whitfords. last 20 years he has only had whitfords for the suburbs where just frowing and growing and there was more demand for pizzas in this area. yes the family have their fights but when you watch a family grow up behind a counter you understand. i have found them warm and caring for myself and their customers.even if there is a mess up they will give free pizzas for a way of apoligies and embarrassments. iyes sometimes they are so into their work but when there are a 45 minute wait for pickup there is no time for chat and the pressure is on and everyone should know their job. if i ever had any questions from what topping to put on my pizzas to where is it the girl on the phone has been the most helpful. even to fight w her family to do the right thing for her customers. keep up the good work san remo. hope you stay around for a long time.xoxo
  • Meli_B Local Star 135 reviews
    San Remo was the local pizza parlor from my childhood, and I still have fond memories of going to pick up pizza with my dad while he chatted with the management.

    Going back after several years I can definitely say the pizza is as great as I remember, but sadly the service has gone swiftly downhill.
    We were told 25 minutes, came in after 35 (after heeding the advice in other truelocal reviews) to find that they didn't offer eftpos, drove to an ATM down the road at the shopping centre, came back and still had to wait for our pizza...

    Presentation of the staff was pretty unimpressive, unprofessional and they weren't friendly or particularly polite.

    Saying that, the pizza is still good and I may go back again. Hopefully they will have read the reviews and made some changes to their below average service!

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