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Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers

Parramatta, NSW
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Accredited family law specialist

We are dedicated to family law. It is all we do and our skill and commitment shows. We can advise and assist you with all aspects of family law, including court representation, assisting you with formalising an agreement preparation, or just providing you with advice to help you during a difficult relationship breakdown. You can be assured that we will be upfront about your options and the costs involved. Take the first step and call us to discuss how we can help you.
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Reviews of Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers

  • The whole team at Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers put me at ease right from my very first phone call. They work as a team which is so refreshing, it was so nice to be able to call and if the person I wanted wasnt available, whoever answered the phone was quickly able to help me with my enquiry. A couple of times they gave me some tough love, which I have to say didnt feel great at the time (even though it was delivered in a friendly way), but in hindsight I see they were absolutely right. I suppose that is a mark of their in depth knowledge of family law. I cannot recommend Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers highly enough.
  • Great bunch of Family Lawyers. Happy, colourful office. Sarah and her team have always got back to me promptly and are great to work with. Clearly they know their stuff!
    • Thanks Keith, it was a pleasure working with you. You put in a lot of hard work yourself and it was fantastic to see you finish up with an outcome you felt positive.
  • Slow to act and over the cost of what I was originally advised. Ineffective and highly stressful experience with this firm.
    • We are upfront about our fees right from the start, and this is part of our core philosophy which is why we also give important tips on how to limit your own costs. While we gave an estimated range, how much the case ends up costing depends on a wide range of variables including how quickly or appropriately your former partner responded, and importantly, how helpful you were to the conduct of your own case. Whilst we appreciate only too well that the process can be very expensive, we do our utmost to limit our costs for you, and guide you as to how to limit your own costs.

      As to slow to act, it is difficult to comment without breaching your privacy. As you had not raised concerns with us previously, it is difficult to assess the circumstances that led to delay, if any. It may well have been that we had to wait for a slow other party for disclosure, or we were in the court?s hands as to timing. Unfortunately these circumstances are out of control.
  • I signed up to be represented by a senior lawyer and was bounced around three juniors when the original person took an extended holiday to Europe. They ran my case until a few days before trial then advised me to settle for an amount that barely covered their legal fees. They billed me for phone calls where they talked about how sick they'd been and how they needed a holiday. Little compassion but plenty of money grabbing.
    • Dear AnnaMc01,
      We apologise for the experience you feel you received from us. We assure you that every clientâ??s matter is dealt with by experienced and skilled professionals, with the utmost regard for your instructions and best interests. Presumably this relates to about 2 years ago and it is unfortunate you have not addressed this with us directly in any manner. We are completely upfront about our fees so that clients are fully aware of what they are being billed for and how much this will be. If you did have an issue with your bill, we would happily go through it with you.
  • Sarah Bevan and her team are exceptional. I was involved in a property and parenting matter with my ex that traversed through the Court process for several years. I was previously represented by another firm who I thought were the best in the field. I felt that I had little input in my matter and that I was spending an incredible amount of money and getting nowhere. Calls weren't answered. The Court process unexplained. This made a significant impact in my seeing my children. A friend of mine had recently used the team at Sarah Bevan's and had obtained pleasing results so referred me. The moment that I transferred over to Sarah I felt a wave of relief. Not only were the staff on hand to field my many calls but they treated me with both courtesy and respect.
    With the help of the very professional and knowledgeable team I ended up settling out of Court which minimised my costs. I cannot thank the team enough for helping me close that chapter. I now am able to focus on moving forward with my children.
  • Do not use this lawyer. They get their secretary to do all their work. They could not have cared less about my children or my settlement. They ran my case until a week from trial then put forward an offer I did not authorise them to do. I ended up paying more in fees to them than I got from my property settlement. I have been left destitute. They could not have cared less.
    • Dear Belinda03, We are sorry that you feel this way following your settlement. We are perplexed however as we have not received any such negative feedback within the firm. Family law involves compromise and so it is common for people to have mixed feelings about any settlement. The allegation that we put an offer unauthorised by you is a very serious one, and we invite you to contact us to discuss this. We pride ourselves on being completely upfront about our fees, and we are very careful to work with our clients to ensure that they do not overcommit themselves with regard to fees. We also employ highly skilled, experienced and empathetic secretaries and paralegals. They undertake all of the administrative work, and almost without exception our clients are thankful for their help and that their work resulted in lower overall costs.
  • Thank's Sarah, you have turned what was potentially a long drawn out case into a quick and more than satisfactory result for me and my family. You made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process from the very first consultation and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Thank's again!
  • Best family law Specialist by far love your work!!! Thanks heaps for all your help xx
  • I am only too happy to recommend Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers' services, and am deeply grateful for their professional support over the last eight months. I am very happy with the efficient and professional manner in which they acted.
  • I have just finished my matter with Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers, and I would recommend them to anyone going through such a difficult experience. My matter was extremely complex, and Lauren was more than capable of being able to deal with it. They billed fairly and have reasonable rates.
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