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  • anony44   3 reviews
    I had been to this salon a few times, gave it a few goes before I found somewhere else. I only ever get style cut/trim but on one occasion the hairdresser told me pretty much to grow my hair I need to eat better foods (no joke - and I'm quite fit and healthy with really healthy hair that grows quite fast - the hair dresser clearly had dyed hair with extensions). On another occasion the management staff sat with me as I waited for my appointment, complaining how much they hated their job but couldn't take a holiday, the hairdressers on numerous occasions complained to each under about other staff, really inappropriate I think. Then I found one of the staff who was awesome and did a great job and knew their stuff really well. Unfortunately on my last visit there, even though I had booked with them I got someone else for whatever reason and the staff I got was just not great. I was disappointed because I think some of the hairdressers seem great, but overall not an enjoyable experience.

    2 months ago - 12/02/2015

  • myfaith Newbie   1 review
    I have never written a bad review in my life. I write this as a warning to anyone wanting colour in their hair. Please read this as I would never want this to happen to anyone else.I have never been to this place ever and have every intention of telling all my friends not to go there EVER. I asked for foils in my hair and specifically asked not for bleached or peroxide colour. The staff doing my hair seemed to understand my request. I was literally in the hair salon for 4.5 hours for some foils hair cut and blow dry. As I waited with the products in my hair for the foils I could hear the timer go off, there was another customer asking what that timer was for which I heard them reply "it means a colour has been done" one of the staff switched it off (I'm guessing this should have been me). As I sat there another 30 mins finally someone decides its my turn to have all of the colour I still have in foils washed out. Either knowing they screwed up or lack of care I was than to wait another 30mins with toner in my hair. I was than still to wait 30mins uncomfortably with my neck in the basin whilst they seemed to b***h to each other yes b***h on how they were understaffed leaving me and another young kid to hear this. By the time they finally finished my hair and you look in in the mirror and they ask you how you like your hair, I had to choke back my tears as I've never cried in public to see they have turned my hair grey/silver from the over peroxide that I originally asked not for. I've never walked out of a hair salon ever feeling worse than I walked in but this was absolutely disgusting.
  • Cazpah78   3 reviews
    You know, I've gone to this salon quite a lot over the years and only once did I walk out dissatisfied. The owners are lovely and try really hard to please all who come through their door, the only problem is some of the employees aren't showing the owners the respect they deserve by performing to the best of their ability. That doesn't mean the WHOLE SALON's a write off - FAR FROM IT!
    I too have put up a damaging review about my singular experience but, as I'm not allowed to remove it, I'm posting this one to show that actually I do think they're worth going to! They did my year 12 formal hairstyle and everyone was extremely jealous of it!! They've helped turn a ruined home dye job into a piece of art that lifted my confidence at a time I needed it most.
    Before you write Sauvage J R Hair Designs off and go to some over priced salon, go there, talk to John and I can guarantee he'll make sure you're smiling from ear to ear once you leave!

    9 months ago - 28/06/2014

  • Yemanja Newbie   1 review
    WARNING - DO NOT GO TO THIS HAIR SALON!!! Really un professional and terrible customer service, more interested in making money and up selling than listening to the clients requests. Ignored the colour I was after, left the bleach in my hair way too long that it turned out peroxided pink and orange!! had to colour my hair as soon as I got home to fix it after throwing away money there. Won't be going back EVER!!
  • merry85 Newbie   2 reviews
    First the service is terrible, second I went there 2 days ago for a shampoo and blow dry I was there for 3 hours course everyone was apparently busy and wasn't able to do the job there service is horrible I would never go there and I would never ever recommend anyone at savage if I could rate this 0 out of 10.
  • merry85 Newbie   2 reviews
    Went 2day for my usual colour at savage and was shocked how then coluor came out, told the hairdresser that I didn't like it and they refused to fix it, course they were apparently to busy for the rest of the day, which they won't, the salon has terrible communication and no one treats you well, even though your a long-term client, this is the last time these apparent hairdressers will never see me again, they have terrible attitude and communication with in them and clients terrible unorganized place.
    . j & r savage 1/2 * out of 10
  • Cazpah78   3 reviews
    Warning!!! Do not go to Sauvage if you want to colour your hair in any way! Only go if you need a trim!. That's all they know how to do successfully!
    I can't believe how unprofessional they are! I went in to get a few streaks done and I walked out looking like I'd done it at home! I had regrowth from a permanent colour and the streaks only worked on my regrowth! Thats a terrible mistake! I had to go back to get it fixed and they still stuffed it up! They need to stop taking walk-ins when they're short staffed and need to say no to more bookings if they can't finish a whole job with one hairdresser! I've got colour stains on my scalp and forehead! I'm embarrassed to say I paid for the s**** job I got! Stay away if you want a certain look.
    • Louisevuitton Newbie 
      Wow.... i have sat here and read all these comments about Sauvage and I am disgusted ... I have been going to Sauvage for 20 years and have never had a problem. The girls are great and look after me from the minute I walk in , until the second I walk out . They have never disappointed me .. Sauvage hair dressers are fantastic , fully qualified and know exactly what they're doing. I wouldn't ever go anywhere else . My kids love going to get their hair cut now. Thanks to Sauvage hair designers my family and everyone I know loves their hair ...


  • Concettin0 Newbie   1 review
    Terrible. I'll never go back here, ever. I got highlights done on my natural hair, without colour and the staff forgot about me to do someone else's hair, bleached it so harshly it started breaking off. Not only this, but the strands went clear when wet.

    On another occasion I went in for a trim as I was growing my hair, and they ended up taking 4 inches (10cm off).

    Do not ever go here for a "hair do" as whatever they do will just fall out.

  • Terese_78 Newbie   1 review
    This salon is one of the top Wella salons, Technically trained in color. They have color technicians in the team, And have been operating for many years. I go to this salon and have been for many years and I love it and will never change. Love the girls there
  • Lilyane Newbie   1 review
    Poor service! The hair dressers are terrible... The left the bleach in my hair to long and it started to burn my hair! They charged me the full amount!! Don't go to this place you will be disappointed!

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