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Reviews of Schulte's Meat Tavern

  • Still enjoying the wurst that I picked up a couple of weeks back. A mandated stop on the journey from Brisbane to Toowoomba or vice verca. If only they would do mail order.
  • best lamb ever i will be driving the 300km round trip again next weekend to fill my freezer i kid you not most tender lamb ever and i am a kiwi
  • Unbelievable! A carnivore's paradise (sorry vegetarians)... the range of meats, herbs, spices and international foods is amazing ... not to mention all the local fare including wines! And they make REALLY good strong coffees (just the way we southerners like them!) Check out the ironwork above the counters - made locally...
    Makes you regret ever buying your meat from a supermarket. This is a MUST DO!!

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