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  • ooyeaa Newbie   1 review
    absolutely bad



  • Rimmee Newbie   1 review
    I got my voucher for Japanese straightening and booked to get my hair done. When I got there they sat there telling me how dead and brittle my hair was but instead of giving a professional" consultation they decided to go ahead with it.
    I could not believe that I was going through this. They put the straightener on my hair and kept combing the h*** out of it. I have had this done 3times and not once did they keep combing through my hair. Anyway after I washed my hair it literally turned into steel wool. It looked like I was given a perm. I couldn't even brush it. I didn't know what to do so ended up going to my local hairdresser and he was shocked and couldn't believe what happen. He sat me down and said the only thing I could do was give you a keratin treatment. He couldn't even cut my hair because he couldn't get the comb through it! I was in tears. Not only did scissors on park charge me $30extra for my length plus the price I paid for the voucher but now I had to pay an extra $200 for a keratin treatment to fix the error of their inexperienced judgment! Never go there!
  • blackS Newbie   1 review
    Not worth a cent to have a keratin or shiseido treatment done here. I have had it done in many other salons around the CBD and I wondered how Scissors on Park be an award winning salon? when the directors hire hairdressers who doesn't know how to brush and detangle long hair properly and who doesn't know how to use a straightener?? How can your salon be composed of highly skilled stylists? I was literally in distress and uneasy throughout the whole treatment. And giving a fake smile at the end of the session really left me feeling very disgusted with the whole experience. Not to mention my hair ridiculously still frizzes more than it did before I had the keratin treatment done here. I will not recommend anyone to have treatments or fancy haircuts and colours at Scissors on Park. Amen

    1 month ago - 30/07/2014

  • MacUser   4 reviews
    I have had multiple keratin treatments. About 3 good and 3 bad. And scissors on park was GOOD! The manager seemed in control, yet welcoming. The salon was NOT busy and over accommodated and my keratin has already lasted longer than others. However, it was bought from a Groupon voucher, and I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable paying the full price.

    1 month ago - 05/07/2014

  • SZDang Newbie   1 review
    I had also visited this salon with a groupon voucher. Staff were great and extremely friendly, however I really feel that my treatment, and service was not worth what I paid for the deal let alone for full price.

    4 months ago - 16/04/2014

  • Erikasulli Newbie   1 review
    Bought a keratin/cut treatment of groupon, was a tiny bit worried after reading some of these reviews, but after going today I am really happy with the results! Had it done by Abby who was really lovely and did an amazing job with the treatment and cutting my hair :) The other staff were also really nice and provided good service! Very pleased with Scissors on Park and will definitely come back.

    4 months ago - 04/04/2014

  • Manon87 Newbie   1 review
    Some of the comments on this pages scared me a little but I had the best keratin treatment I ever had at Scissors on the Park. The salon and the service are nothing fancy but the treatment was great.

    5 months ago - 21/03/2014

  • Ruby1111 Newbie   1 review
    I also used a voucher for a straightening treatment and haircut a few weeks ago. I was feeling nervous after reading the negative reviews and I don't usually write these myself but have to say I had a very positive experience. The staff were friendly and the hairdresser really took the time to give me a nice style cut rather than the quick trim a lot of other hairdressers do. I have had my hair straightened before and was surprised to be told I had to rinse it out the next day. But I tried it and it worked. I had very frizzy hair, now all I do is a few minutes blow dry and it looks great. Would recommend giving this place a go, I will go back again.

    5 months ago - 17/03/2014

  • Becks333 Newbie   1 review
    I have never written a review before but felt compelled to let others know not to get a straightening treatment hair at this salon. I was looked after by the management who talked the talk but the result speaks for itself. They have burnt my hair so it\'s a mattered burnt mess underneath and at all the ends. The hairdresser went to lunch while the solution was on my hair, no timer was set and it was on for so long I started to get worried and asked another staff member if it should be taken off. They washed it off straight away and then it was another 5-10 mins before my hairdresser came back. Do not risk it. My normal hairdresser is going to freak out when they sees my hair!
    • sop Newbie 
      we would like to apologise for any distress or inconvenience you are experiencing.You dont live in Sydney so its hard for us to look at you hair and fix any possible imperfections. However we would like to point out that at no time during your service were you forgotten. We have 5 senior stylist that work together as a team here at Scissors on Park and they were all aware of the service you were having done. The stylist made the other stylist aware of the timer and what needed to be done. When you have extra curly hair the product needs to stay on a little bit longer to ensure its full potential. You also mentioned your hair was burnt and a mattered mess yet when you left our salon you hair was silky smooth and straight. If by any chance your hair had been burnt the stylist would have noticed straight away then would have acted accordingly. The product didnt touch the mid lengths or ends of your hair as it was a root touch up only. Again we are sorry for inconvenience

      6 months ago - 04/02/2014

  • gigabit1 Newbie   1 review
    I bought a Groupon voucher for a keratin treatment here, I\'ve had successful and beautiful keratin treatments before with Groupon vouchers but this was nothing like those.
    The stylist rushed through the whole thing. They didn\'t answer any of my questions properly and my hair is basically the same as it was before the treatment. They told me I had to \"straighten it every time I washed it in order for the effects to be visible\" - Well, I think that defeats the purpose of getting keratin treatment.
    I told them I was not happy with the treatment, I even emailed them a few days later telling them my hair is back to the curly state it was originally in. They replied to my email saying they\'d like me to come back, but when I responded to that to set up an appointment time (twice) I received no response.
    All in all, I wasted my money and time. Never going back and sorely disappointed.

    7 months ago - 03/01/2014

    • sop Newbie 
      Hi there,
      we apologise for you not having a good experience with us. unfortunately we never received any emails about wanting to book an appointment, but we would like to invite to come back to see us as we dont want anyone to be unhappy with our services. please give us a call on 92613251 and we can arrange you appointment when it suits you.
      kind regards
      scissors on park

      7 months ago - 08/01/2014


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