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If you like seafood then Crows Nest based 'Sea Treasure' Chinese restaurant is for you.

Quality Chinese food at unexpectedly low prices for such quality items, a visit to the 'Sea Treasure' is always a treat.

The kitchen produces incredibly lavish dumplings as well as many great specials offers on (you guessed it) seafood items such as crab.
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Reviews of Sea Treasure Restaurant

  • #reviewtowin. Returned here to eat recently after staying away for several years due to decrease in quality.
    On our recent visit for Yum Cha, the food was good, especially the fried pork buns & chickens feet. The service was very good (except for one very frenetic waitress who didnt listen & threw our food at us).
    We will return for Yum Cha as all-in-all, it was a good experience.
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  • Ok. A bit hit and miss, but if you like it greasy you may love it. I still go there sometimes if I'm in the area but think the yum cha places in Chatswood are better.
  • Parge Local Star 254 reviews
    You know when you go to a Chinese and order the same thing. And though this is not a franchise you can expect a certain level of same-ity? I mean Mongolian Lamb, Beef in Black-bean, Short soup and since this is a Seafood Restaurant King Prawn Omelette and Salt and Pepper Squid... well we ordered these to be on the safe side, or very similar versions and they did not have Black-bean (Black pepper instead).

    Given that, this place was so bland. Honestly the homely feel reviewer atan7 speaks about, has more to do with the fact you and I could make these dishes at home with more flavour and less tinned blandness.

    Most shopping malls have better Chinese than this!

    Not one of our dishes was worth writing home about. Instead being charged more than $8 for each meal, should have involved a lawyer, bringing "restaurants" into disrepute. No thanks.
  • This restaurant is very good for service ...and gentleman in particular who is very interactive with his guests and seemed to know all by name or face ....

    The menu is a bit limited as they don't seem to have the usual - such beef ball black bean ribs - and others

    But would return again as the limited menu is executed well ...

    Highly recommended egg plant fish cake - deep fried prawn and chives dumpling

    Highly Highly recommended Deep fried squid (calamari) - since arriving in Sydney from Perth we have had a few failure with this dish at other restaurants

    Looking forward to becoming regular guests of this restaurant
  • Jack_Ryde Foodie 65 reviews
    This Chinese seafood restaurant is really nice and popular in Crows Nest. Fresh seafood and nice cooking. I like the fried scallop and steamed trout. Very nice. The staff are very polite and well-trained for service and the hospitality is everywhere.
    Sometimes you need to book if you have many people. We normally go there on Friday's noon for yum cha and it costs more than 25 $/head. If you get more budget, you will not regret it.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    Chinese food with good service? YES THEY CAN! I was treated to a dinner here by family friends and I was pleasently surprised to find a large chinese restaurant who had high quality chinese food as well as good service. THe waiters were attentive and refilled our tea, served our rice and ensured the dishes were piping hot when served. The seafood was fresh- I especially enjoyed the fried garlic prawns, andthe sweet and sour pork was very tasty. I can't talk about the prices here as I was treated- but if price is no option then I would recommend this place. Interesting fact (which you will notice when going to the bathroom): they were awarded a chefs hat in 2004... Pretty rare for mainstream chinese.
  • Lucrece Foodie 725 reviews
    The food is delicious and the seafood is always fresh, however the prices here are very high. I would definitely return here for a special occasion, however. There is a great range of meals to select from on the menu, or you can opt for Yum Cha and eat whatever on the carts takes your fancy. The service is polite, but a little slow. Make sure you book in advance, as this restaurant will fill up quickly.
  • rie Foodie 123 reviews
    This place is always full at lunch time for their yum cha service. They have private rooms upstairs for your own celebration but the yum cha trolleys might forget that you're there.
  • z3161416 Foodie 32 reviews
    Interesting place, the service is great if you look like you've got lots of $$$ to spend. huge range of seafood on offer & all very fresh.
  • Some of the best chinese food in NSW. They have just about everything. One of the few places where the food is gourmet, but you will not leave the place hungry. Meals come with soup, your main course and desert at the end.

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