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  • Bansko   3 reviews
    My experience at sechi hair Last Saturday I made a appointment for my colour because I loved the colour my friend has she is a regular at sechi so my first visit was set ..
    The hairdresser sat with me and talked through different looks and what will work for me .she also used a organic hair products which I loved I also had a complementary mini make up after my beautiful colour and cut .. I felt like a new woman .. I was so happy I have booked my next appointment...
    As I was going to but my review in I come a cross some negative review ,, I am happy that I had the chance to visit this Amazing salon and experience it for my self also meet the girls that work in it ... Ps Good price , excellent colour work , cut and blow wave defiantly highly recommend xx
  • Emmaoffic Newbie   1 review
    I just wanted to let people know that Sechi Hair Port melbourne is the best .. I love my hair and the colour is the nicest I have had the new girls loved doing my hair I also had a nice finish . So go and cheq it out xx love by KS
  • HeraldSun Newbie   1 review
    I attended this salon for a balyage and cut, with a groupon voucher. I had read reviews on here prior so I was expecting an extra charge for toner (told $35 on the phone, charged $40) and was mindful of the product upselling which was quite full on.
    I asked for a particular type of cut, (a technique that I've had before, that hairdressers would know) and was looked at blankly. The balyage colour and style was very different to what we'd discussed. I had to remind them to cut my fringe at the end of the treatment.
    Overall, amateur experience. Cut and colour not as expected.
  • bnhmjh   5 reviews
    I was nervous after reading all these bad reviews, but was very pleasantly surprised. I just got my hair done today by Gisele with a groupon deal. I got balayage which I was apprehensive about, but I showed Gisele a few pictures and it came out perfectly! I also got a trim and that was fine too. Both the girls working today were very pleasant.

    4 months ago - 03/12/2013

  • EmiliaRossi Newbie   1 review
    Despite the friendly welcome I received when first entering the salon, I left feeling angry, upset and furious at the horrendous job this hair salon did. By far the worst hair cut I have ever received in my life; I spent an entire week wearing my hair up holding back my tears waiting for an appointment I had booked with another salon hoping they could somehow fix the mess these guys had left me with.

    What was suppose to be a style cut ended up being a cut that had no shape, no definition and left my gorgeous thick long wavy hair looking bulky, badly cut and uneven. An absolute embarrassment.

    When I requested to see another hairdresser in the salon in the hope another staff member could fix my hair, I was met with a smug reply explaining that ' their professional opinion, this was the cut that suited my face'.

    Upset at their response, and lack of initiative to help resolve this problem I requested a full refund through 2 emails, 2 tweets and 2 Facebook messages; to date I have still not received a reply. If you are thinking of using this salon enter at your own risk, I am sure they have some good hairdressers, but the two that looked after me were appalling. Never again.

    4 months ago - 24/11/2013

  • bearsticky   4 reviews
    Total Amateurs, appalling customer service and they force you to buy their hair products by opening it up and use it on your hair then tell u later you have to buy it coz it was already used on your hair!!!! Will not recommend to anyone and we will definitely not be back!
  • Jumablueskin Newbie   1 review
    Do not go there, worst amateur haircut
  • Memememe199 Newbie   1 review
    Never posted a review before- but taking the time to sign up here- as have never been so disappointed with a hair salon as this one! Please dont bother! Everyone there has a scoopon/groupon voucher- good idea- as its not worth paying full retail!! Even agreed to the upselling of a hair treatment- but this was forgotten somehow. Wash didnt even touch the scalp- let alone massage it. Had to remind them to cut the fringe too- as evidently thats an optional extra. But wait- it gets betterer!! Asked if i'd like a straight or curly blow wave- i say dry it curly, as this is my natural look- well i came out looking like Prue or Trude from the "just browsing" skits- how embarrassing! I ask for some product in the hair- i get some hair spray at the end... I even had to throw my hair back up before leaving. Go elsewhere girls!!!!

    5 months ago - 31/10/2013

  • Orla Woods   2 reviews
    I would not recommend Sechi hair to anyone as I had a terrible experience due to bad customer service. I rang Sechi Hair last Thursday 8th August at 6pm and made an appointment for Tuesday 13th August at 11am to avail of their 50% email deal. I scheduled my entire day to avail of this promotion as I thought they were a trusted hair salon. However when I went in to have my hair done I was told that there was no evidence of my appointment. I was absolutely gutted to be turned away as a paying customer and told "there is nothing we can do" I asked for an explanation and was offered no apology. I understand it was a mistake but no responsibility was taken. I'm so disappointed and I find it crazy for an Australian hair salon to be turning away business. Week on week my inbox is full of deals from Sechi hair, I guess they do not care about paying customers as long as all seats are full and money is coming in. It was a waste of my time and I ended up loosing money as I canceled my morning shift in work.
  • DrKitten Newbie   1 review
    This place is awful. Rude staff, overpriced, less than average cut and colour. When there are so many decent hair stylists in this city, it's a wonder this place still survives. You would have to pay me to go back.

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