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Reviews of Sewing.com.au

  • Very very happy with the service. Mechanic fixed my old sewing machine and it has been working perfectly ever since. Wealth of information.
  • My sewing machine was not working properly - it kept sewing in one spot instead of a line. Took it to sewing.com.au in Pinter Drive Southport for some advice and to get a quote. Quote came back at about $120 for service and new 'gear'. I'd had it serviced 3 years prior for $35 and had not used it much since so I was not happy with this quote and took it elsewhere for a second opinion. The lady at the second repair shop plugged my sewing machine in to do an initial analysis and within 30 seconds she had it working perfectly. The problem was that one of the dials had been moved to "0" and that's why it was sewing in one spot. She didn't charge me a cent for looking at it. I can't believe how simple the solution was. From now on I'll be going to the lovely lady at Lacey's Sewing Centre in Davenport Street Southport.
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