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Reviews of Seymour Street Medical & Dental Centre Ringwood

  • I've had to wait up to 3 hours here. But still come back because I only like seeing one doctor there.
  • The most disgusting and appalling experience any patient could receive.
    One middle-aged lady receptionist in particular, working on a Tuesday morning was terribly rude and undermining, and felt the need to raise her voice when speaking to me. I do believe this was racially triggered.
    The doctor was also cold and seemed disinterested in my consultation.

    Avoid this horrible clinic like the plague. It's most definitely not worth the harassment and humiliation. There are several other local GPs around the area.

    You have been warned!!
  • To date I have been very happy with staff and waiting time atthis clinic. First time fluked a 5 min wait on a quiet saturday night! Beats 3hrs at emergency! Hours suit my long work days too. Thanks!
  • Staff are always lovely and doctors are great. Only negative is long waiting times.
  • I personally had a very bad experience with the reception staff here. While me and my fiance booked to see a dr and while my fiance went to the toilet and is from sydney she was called. When she came back the reception staff told her rudely that doesn't matter if you go toilet if your not there you go to the end of the line. My fiance explained that she was holding on for two hours to go toilet and she couldn't wait any longer.The reception staff rudely to her to sit down and she is at the end of the line. We ended up leaving. I haven't come accross such rude reception staff in my life. I've been to other super clinic and the reception staff are great just seems the Ringwood ones don't respect their clients.
    • I'd have to agree with you there is on reception staff member in particular who is so rude. The wait times are stupid for the more popular (read better) doctors.

      Since moving to this area I've struggled to find a gp. I'd found one I liked who quit the practice, so I'm back seeing a FANTASTIC gp at seymore St. Waited 4 hours today. But so worth it to be listened too.
  • I go there on a regular basis and the staff are friendly, and i don't mind having to wait for a while. It's not called a "super clinic" for nothing! You can just walk in and see any doctor you want, and I think it's brilliant. It bul bills too, which is even better!
    • Well I've been coming here for over 4 years and I've only ever had one happy greeting from a reception staff all the other reception staffs have been horrible. They don't even have an email to complain at this centre.
  • This place is a joke. 2.5 hours to se a doctor that gave me 5 mins of there time. I had 20 people in front of me so with one doctor that's 1.6 hours so why with 3-4 that took me 2.5 ? And why is it always a 2 hour wait here ? Clearly if it's a 2 hour wait every day they need more doctors !
    • I waited 4 hours to see a gp here today. He gave me time and listened. Think I was with him for 30 mins.

      Worst part of this clinic is the impersonal reception staff. One receptionist who knew me and my family asked name, I told her, dob, told her, address, gave her street address without suburb then she gets really snarky and asks suburb. She obviously hated her job and had nothing better to do than annoy the patients.
  • Worst medical centre. I would not recommend it to anyone. Reception staff was very rude, and even the doctor there was rude, just because I asked the reception staff when was my turn! Waited for more than 2 hours just to be seen by the doctor for only 5 mins....
    • I've been to the Manningham clinic and to one in Preston and the receptionists are great! This seems to be a culture problem in This centre only. They simply have no respect for the patients.
  • What do u expect in a bulk billing medical centre! Yes they can be busy with long waiting time, but the doctors and nurses are generally professional in their practice. I have to give special credit to the pharmacy in the centre, their service is helpful and their prices are v competitive! I won't waste time going to the chemist warehouse next nearby.
  • I would not recommend this clinic to anyone at all. Unlike other clinics who when u call they can tell if your results are ready this clinic is not able to to do so. The reason provided was that other clinics are smaller and this clinic sees about 400 patients a day and can not afford the time to do this and it isn't up to them when the results arrive it is up to where the tests results were sent and if you want more information then you should contact them. So if you want to waste your time by going to the clinic waiting to see the doctor and then be told by the doctor that your results are not ready...then this is the clinic for you. Don't go there... ...
    • The doctor who refers you to get tests done tells you when they will be back in the centre and when you should return to collect them. Open your ears.
    • The biggest problem is the terrible communication skills the reception staffs have
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