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Surry Hills, NSW
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Reviews of Shortgrain

  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    Occasionally dubbed as Longrain express, Shortgrain comes with its own bells and whistles to serve its customers with lunch time charm. Occupying a small section adjacent to Longrain, this shop is popular amongst the local during the afternoons both for eating in and takeaway.

    The food offerings are of clean and high quality, and come with matching premium prices. One dish can easily go for around $12 to $15 with just a decent serving size to get you through dinnertime.

    I had their red pork curry rice served with roti for takeaway. It was very delicious and flavoursome with the right amount of spices and hotness to not overpower each other. The meat was soft and done just right. It was packaged in a modern environment-friendly container, which pretty much adds to the sophistication of the food presentation.

    With only a handful of dishes on offer, the wait times for the food are kept reasonable. The staffs are also courteous.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    Had a great time here with friends, the tables are a bit low so it is hard to eat, but the ambience is clean and chic, serving modern Asian cuisine, a fusion if thai and Malaysian flavours. $4 tapioca dessert, a delicious chewy and creamy sweet treat....it's the only dessert they have so you really don't have a choice, but it is delicious!
  • The management is the most aggressively rude I've seen in any cafe or restaurant. I've eaten here 4 times for lunch and had a bad experience with them every time, to the point where i walk in hoping they won't be there.

    I don't understand why they act that way. Its with everyone, has nothing to do with the people they are serving, its just an automatic reaction. Its really stressful and I won't go anymore, despite the nice food and convenient location
    • ShaeShae Local Star 
      I'm sorry to hear you've had the same experience - I wish it were so different!
  • Have been here a few times now for lunch, and unfortunately it's a bit hit or miss. Overall, the food is extremely fresh but the service is rushed and at times 'snobbish' - not a lot of smiles & I regularly feel as though I'm annoying them by ordering. The serving sizes can also be inconsistent. If you want fresh food and don't care about below average service, then you'll be happy.
  • jojostuff Local Star 403 reviews
    Little sister to Longrain and great lunch spot. The food is consistently good whether I get takeaway or eat in. There is a large communal table or a couple of smaller ones.

    The curry and roti is such a treat but there are healthier options too.
  • Cee Zee Area Expert 278 reviews
    Shortgrain is my new favourite lunch spot at the moment. Its so close to my work that i have ordered takeaway from here and its fast becoming a habit. The people are really friendly. Even when I called up to make an order they were so nice about it.

    The food is excellent and really great value. Where else in Sydney can you get an awesome lunch for $20. I just love the trout and pork salad, its delicious. Also the curries are really good too. Like longrain, quality ingredients and produced are used which gets me every time.

    My only gripe is that its not open on weekends but I am sure I will live. Looking forward to getting it tomorrow for lunch.
  • Great place near the city for lunch. Food is very tasty, heaps of flavour with a bit of a kick and quick. Try the pickled vegetables, they are sooo good..... A good and quick alternative to its sister restaurant, Longrain.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    The little brother of LongGrain next door was impressive at today's luncheon. Probably best in small groups like 2-4 as the seating is few, or get there early. Small portion food, but the taste was great, a good curry served with divine tender meat.
    Something different - coconuts on the menu - 'I Like'
    Service was good, the food was served within minutes of ordering, but don't be wanting a coffee after your meal as they don't serve it.
    It won't be the last time I venture to this establishment :)
  • ShaeShae Local Star 102 reviews
    Have been meaning to check this hot spot out for sometime now, always seemed to end up at the big brother restaurant next door instead. Finally got around to it today with our work crew, and currently feeling like I've been missing out on a brilliantly edible piece of life.
    No table service, but it's intimate enough to feel the service first-hand. The chalkboard menu consists of a couple of curries, salads, and sides. The squid and pork belly was de-lish! Serving portions were spot on, not too much to make you feel sluggish after a work lunch. Pricing is on par with what you'd expect - about $16-$18 for a feed, plus drinks and sides.
    They also do private functions, which looks like a pretty neat idea for a group of friends. $65 banquet plus drinks, with a selection of wines, beers and punch! Great idea.
    To note: They don't serve coffee, however the coconut drink did entice some of our team. Pleased I finally got there in the end.
  • I'm a huge fan of Longrain and Shortgrain is definitely a "shorter" version its parent. It was like a cafe version of Longrain. It was very novelty and cute, the food was tasty and a good portion size. More variety in drinks would've been good. Three stars from me.

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