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  • unknown275 Newbie   1 review
    Was just announced that i would be up for $832 to fix a basically problem on my car.
    Ford kingswood assures me that buying new keys u must buy 2 at $300 a pop and if i think i could get it cheaper go somewhere else...for everyone that wants to know. ford now have designed there integrated security system so that if u do not have a key(or the britle metal break) that u have to tow ur car to them..they then switch ur integrated system for an aparently low price of $600 and 2 new keys as well as the tow truck $200....
    lastly before talking to ford i talked to two independant locksmiths who say."thats why they have designed the keys the way they are now" why?. "becos they can charge whatever they want"... from a car dealer who is aparently ur family and ur best mate when they sell it
  • matteast   2 reviews
    Travelled 3 hours to look at a 3 year old car which looked immaculate on photos. Got there and interior was trashed and had lots of dints not shown on photos. Got the price down from the advertised $17990 to $16100 with a 1 year Plan A (cheapest) external warranty. The warranty was advised against as I was assured Sinclair Ford does not sell crap cars. They fully inspect and go over everything and if they are Lemons then they take them to the auctions they have a massive reputation to hold. (actual quote told by salesman). Purchased the car had to wait for someone to come from different yard to finalise transaction... Finally head home after arranging covernote. Hear suspect noises going over bumps on Penant Hills Rd. Take it to mechanics when I get home and they inspect rear leaf suspension and top bar is buckled. They have never seen anything like it so they remove it and fix the problem. Drive around for a week and hear weird noises coming from under car. Take it to 2 different mechanics and it is diagnosed as having Gearbox problems with an estimated cost of $3020 for repairs. Ring the warranty people and they hadnt recieved the paperwork from Sinclair Ford. Fax the paperwork myself. Mechanics wait for response from warranty people. 3 weeks later still waiting for response from warranty people. Mechanics say warranty will only cover $800 so I Drive a mates car back to Sinclair Ford and go speak to them to see if we can work something out about the $2200 that I have to pay after driving 1000kms on my new car. They palmed me off quickly and sent me to Mulgoa Rd Sinclair Ford Penrith. Pretty strange since I bought it from Kingswood NOT Penrith. Speak to Penrith outlet and they take a copy of the mechanical report and tell me to not get any work done on my car until I hear back from them which would be in 3 days. 3 days later still hadnt heard from either yard. I had to ring and was informed they were still trying to work something out. Meanwhile I am carless and my mechanics have a car taking up space and a gearbox laying across their workshop floor which I had to tell them to not work on as the caryard instructed me. Another day passed without hearing from Sinclair so I ring up again. Kingswood informs me they will ring back later. I finally get told they dont want to help me at all and bad luck. You bought a commercial vehicle with no warranty. Told them to please speak to the warranty people that they sold so my car could actually start getting fixed. Kingswood person promised they would ring them and sort it out and ring me straight back. 5 days later i'm still waiting. Geez you guys. Great Reputation.

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