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  • dii2417 Newbie   1 review
    I'm disgusted with the way the staff treated me, I was there with pain and feeling very sick. After they gave me medication, etc, I felt little bit better but my whole body still feeling quite week, nausea and headache. When the doctor was ready to let me go home, I was waiting for my husband to come and pick me up, and it also said to the doctor that I still have headache and I'm still waiting for my husband to come.. then they said, ok no problem, take your time... Then I changed my clothes to get ready while I'm waiting for my husband, but I was so weak that I have to lay down again on the bed and feeling drowsy I fall a sleep a bit until this staff came up to me saying, is everything ok ? and I said yes, I feel quite weak and still waiting for my husband to pick me up here... and then staff said ok no problem.. ( I didn't know if staff actually checking on me to find out if I'm out of there yet or not). Until 3 minutes later staff came back again, and staff literally said, ok maybe you can wait in waiting room ( which is out side) staff acted like they don't like it that I was still there waiting for my husband, and literally staff escorted me out from the room. Then I found out that the waiting room is all the way to the front office.. and staff let me walk by my self there, alone..but luckily I saw my husband walking down the hallway. Wow, that time I felt like a bad person that doing something wrong that someone had to escort you out, I'm so offended by this.

    5 months ago - 30/10/2014

  • Wonderful care Newbie   2 reviews
    Wonderful care to my Father. A special mention to Shane on ward G27 for the special care he gave Dad and his cheery nature, such a wonderful person. Also to Doctor Patrick Lee for the efficient way you arranged things for Dad to go to Bethesda. Thank you Robyn Lieblich for your empathy and straightforward approach. To Wei-sen Lam for taking time out of your busy schedule. There are so many other Nurses that cared for my Dad, sorry I do not have their names, but Dads name was Frederick Young, you know who you are, those of you in ward G27 and the wonderful team in Radiology. You are all very special people. D. Young.

    8 months ago - 26/08/2014

  • bigloggerharry Newbie   1 review
    Very poor communication when waiting left waiting for a appointment that was scheduled for 8 till 8.30.waited for doctor for over 3 hours
  • Inperth Newbie   2 reviews
    I am grossed by the way I was treated. I will not go back to their Emergency Department.

    In addition, I was asked by every doctor at each consultation as to what my occupation was. What is it got to do with my injury or pain? It just left me feeling that a person's occupation and social status would affect the treatment he/she may be able to receive. This is an EMERGENCY Department, not a private hospital that a person's social status should not come in play.
  • dandydavies   8 reviews
    I cannot rate this Hospital high enough. The nurses, doctors, physios and all the other people that helped to ook after my sick grandmother were fantastic!

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