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Reviews of Sizzler

  • Took the kids here on Saturday night. I ordered the steak which was good. The salad bar there isn't much to choose from except for salads, fruits, some ordinary beef mince for tacos and pasta. Desserts are ok.
  • I am not generally a fan of Sizzler however our children love it! For a recent birthday celebration we turned up with 7 children and 2 adults. The customer service was excellent! Food was kept well stocked. It was an enjoyable experience. thank you Brookside staff! We are now planning on returning next week for another birthday celebration.
  • RustyJ Foodie 199 reviews
    My family has gone to this Restaurant for many years and before they raised the prices we used to dine here Monthly. Over the past 1-2 yrs we have seen the prices consistently go up, and faster up than alot of the other buffet style restaurants, so we stopped coming as often. We still go back occasionally as the service is always good (even when you find stuff wrong with their food they sort it out quickly and easily) and the prices are still okay for lunch. The food is always good with new salad bar items and the kids love the fresh fruit for desert. Very few complaints really apart from the increase in prices. (as an added bonus... if you are into GeoCacheing there is one right outside the restaurant)
  • abna 32 reviews
    There is plenty of parking at this restaurant as it is attached beside a shopping centre. Even at peak hours we've rarely had to wait as there is plenty of seating inside (bigger than your average Sizzler). The food quality is consistently good, although I've often had to wait for dishes to be refilled at the Salad Bar.

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