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Reviews of Skin Culture

  • Terrible service!!! "Professional and well trained" employee was waxing my upper lip and decided to start plucking the hair around. I have a quite a large Beaty spot on the top of my lip and she plucked the top of it and it started to bleed. Manager chuckled and brushed it off and did not offer any refunds or free service considering the situation. I was convinced to have my eyebrows done with skin culture as they were "professional and well trained" and walked out with a bleeding beauty spot. Terrible service and missleading.
  • Poor service. No culture or way of talking to the clients. Did a bad job and rather than fixing it they argued about it. Never going back again and highly recommend not to go this place. They show services on tv that they can hardly provide.
  • Very upset with the lack of respect for customers
    I walked in there and asked for a manicure ...at first things were fine but then I started looking around at the utensils and the benches. All the tools were filthy, dusty and residue all over them. The staff told me to soak my fingers in the same dirty water I had started with by the end of the treatment and when I refused I was treated like garbage they just wanted to get rid of. After that staff didn't talk yo me and said if I want a colour to get up and choose one. So I walked to the other side and chose one. I bought it back and staff started painting my nails. First coat did not cover my nail. There was 2 mms without colours on the sides of the nail beds. I asked if staff could please fix them and stared at me with disgust and raised tone saying "Im not finished yet"!!! I was taken back by the rudeness and when my nails were drying I was left there without a word. I watched this employee then go to their colleague and start talking about me in their language. They were both looking at me sniggering and were trying to make me feel uncomfortable, I wasn't acknowledged or farewelled on my exit and left very worried about what this industry in this Country is turning into.
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