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Reviews of Skydragon Restaurant

  • Best takeaway food in Melton. Yummo. They know their customers!
  • Love this place, The BEST food ever, we go there maybe once a month or so, we never go anywhere else, The staff is fantastic she knows every customers names, what they order every time without fail, we LOVE their food, and are very sad when they close over Christmas. Will fully recommend to everyone :)
  • This is the best chinese restaurant in Melton. I have been to all of them and this one is definately the best. Service is fantastic and friendly and the food is delicious. Do not go to any other in Melton except this one. Prices are awesome.
  • Had softdrink cans with out meal, then ordered water. was charged $1 a glass corkage even though we had our glasses from our softdrinks. the same glasses were used. Staff didnt even care that i had not had a drop of water as it was for my son.was told thats our policy bad luck. food was nice but service wait time a little long. poor poor taste in charging $1 for an already used glass.
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