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Sleek Nails is full-service nail salon offering manicures, pedicures, nail arts, beautiful Acrylic nails or Gel nails, waxing, tinting, spray tan, at competitive prices. We are conveniently located next to Newtown Station. 
For all of our nail ,waxing and services, we only use high-quality products, such as OPI ,GELISH,Shellac CND,MANCINE, NAKED TAN ... while providing friendly and personalized customer service. 
Our goal is to provide quality treatments and exceptional service so come and enjoy the finest in professional nails care.

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  • AllyXoXo Newbie   1 review
    Reading the reviews for some of the nail salons near me seemed to be very unnerving while I was looking for somewhere to get my nails done. After just moving to the area, I was definitely worried about going to spend my money on a service that wasn't going to deliver. After seeing the abundance of reviews on here I decided that sleek nails seemed the most likely to offer a decent service and I was definitely beyond ecstatic with the results! Great customer service, absolutely amazing mani pedi's, cheap and not to timely but very on point and relaxed! I am so glad I decided to go in because I am yet to find a better nail salon anywhere that I've been! I seriously couldn't believe the quality and efficiency for the price! I will definitely be returning as a regular customer, and am going to be going there for all my services. I felt I had to make an account on TrueLocal just to review this salon and share just how amazing it is! You definitely won't regret spending your money here!

    9 months ago - 30/05/2014

  • ncajen Newbie   2 reviews
    This place is very hit and miss depending on who you get. It generally feels like theyre in a rush to get you out, and dont pay enough attention to what theyre doing.
    Id like to give a bit of constructive feedback on the off chance the owners read this CUTICLES ARE ATTACHED! Please ask your staff to demonstrate a bit of care and attention to them, instead of hacking them off. This hurts, leads to ingrowing nails and sore, peeling skin. Maybe try pushing them down a little then giving them a gentle trim.
  • foximonoxide Newbie   1 review
    I've been to salons all over the city from Bondi To Bankstown and the only one I keep coming back to is Sleek Nails in Newtown. They have a great range of gel set brands/colours and also diamantes (nowhere I could find in Bondi had those). Every single time I leave with perfect claw shaped acrylics, exactly how I ask for them and they never chip or break. I always have compliments on how pretty my manicure is. The salon is clean and efficient and very accommodating to mums and bubs.
  • Cat83r Newbie   1 review
    I have been going to sleek nails since it opened and it's the best salon I've ever been to! Tom does my acrylic nails perfectly every time and also I get my eyebrows tinted and waxed by the girls there. they are fast, efficient and very budget friendly. it's always a pleasure to go there and I would recommend any service to anyone!!!!
  • Sofie Arno Newbie   1 review
    I recently moved from the south coast and couldnt get to my local salon for infills so i decided to try the closest, in walking distance. An older professional lady greeted me at the door and seemed like she knew what she was doing. As she stared to chip away, i dont know what she did wrong but my fingers started burning! She took waay to,much nail off wirh her electric file and it felt like she was digging at my nail bed s with a red hot pocker.. When i said can u stop it hurts.. She looked at me like it was my fault.. She continued to do this on every finger untill i said enough and walked out.
  • Lilygirl   12 reviews
    I am getting a shellac manicure every two weeks and have been to many places in Sydney so far. Sadly at Sleek Nails Newtown I really had the worst manicure I have ever had.
    It started with the staff nor really concentrating on my nails. The way they are 'organised' the staff do two manicures at the same time. So they jump in between customers and it made me feel like I'm on a production line waiting to get my coat of paint.
    When they have stopped scratching off my old colour they started applying the first coat. After I told them that under one of my nails there was some of the old paint they started cleaning under my nails which they hadn't done before. They then applied two layers of the pale paint until I noticed that every single nail on the left hand still had some of the old dark paint on the sides which was clearly visible. They then sighed and took off all paint again on that hand (after trying to rub it off first) and started afresh. The next layer then had a bit of hair in it which they just covered instead of taking it off.
    Overall the manicure is not neat, the fronts of the nails are not tidy and there are little smudges in one nail.
    The 'massage' part was basically them yanking my fingers so hard it felt as if they wanted to pull them out. They sensed that I was unhappy and admittedly did ask whether they wanted me to do it again. But by that point I was so frustrated, I just wanted to leave. The manicure now looks ok but certainly no better than what I could have done myself.
    On top of that all the manicure was more expensive than I have experience in other places in Lilyfield or North Sydney where I normally go.
    Definitely won't go there again as both quality as cost of the service is poor.
  • willowjoey   4 reviews
    On the strength of what I had read here I decided, one Friday afternoon, to try this salon and I have to disagree with the other reviews. I got a mani pedi for $40 and in this case you get what you pay for (which in my experience)- is below par service.

    No shaping of my nails in any way just a clip straight across and a cursory file. No slipping off of cuticle around nail on the manicure. The staff doing my pedicure I think were incredibly rude not to mention that they paid little to no attention to the job they were doing. The staff doing the manicure was so disengaged that they broke a glass bottle of base coat (dropped on floor instead of putting it back on the stand) and then had to clean it all up so they totally ignored me to do this none of the other staff helped to do it despite the fact they had nothing else to do. Two layers of polish very poorly applied. (There was so little of it though that it dried quickly which was one plus)

    Then when they had finished, they both just walked out the back of the shop and left me. I was then left sitting in the chair/ feet over the bowl that they wash your feet in. After I had been sitting there for ages the management did offer me a magazine and a coffee, but by then I was over it and just wanted to go.

    When my boyfriend came to pick me up, he had to help me out of the chair and across the floor (still had some liquid slop from the broken bottle on it and large chunks of toenail) so that I could get back into my shoes. None of the staff offered to assist me in any way, in getting up and off the chair, or getting into my shoes. (Most places I have been to always offer you a hand) They did however only come rushing over when I left the cash on the counter and started walking out without talking to anyone (there was no one at the counter to talk to!). I could have done just as much at home. I would not go back for a mani pedi again.
  • LadySparow Newbie   1 review
    I have been going to Sleek Nails in newtown for approx 6 months now, They are Clean and do give you a nice set of nails,Acrylic, Gel what ever you choose.

    Compared to some other nail places they do seem much more hygenic, and the shop in general is always clean feeling.

    Although Tom does do quite a nice job most of the time, If you want designs painted on your nails one of the girls has to do it and if they have left for the day then you wont get one, also my nails were messed up on one occasion because designs were painted on a uv finish which just "smudged and bled out" everytime they tried to do a top coat with clear polish which should not be put over the top of a uv clear finish, i was there for ages and wondered what was going on.,
    This particular day i had them all do my nails and i feel there was not enough comunication between them or myself and i ended up leaving un-happy, with no apology or explanation to why and i was just asked if i would like it removed.

    I have since given them another chance as its still hygenic which is why i go there and my prefered choice out of other salons in newtown, and my nails were done perfect several times before this happened, however i am a bit concerned about getting any designs in the future.

    I feel a little more comunication with the customer wouldnt go a stay either.

    I give them a good rating for nails yet am still slightly disapointed with the vibe as i don't really get spoken to i think i was offered a tea or water on only two occasions and feel maybe there is favouritism over some customers which i have witnessed while being there, when really we should all be treated equally.

    The gIrls in there are lovely and i did do a great pedicure.

  • VictoriaM Newbie   1 review
    Ive had acrylics, gels and pedi's for over 15 years. Im fussy and very particular about how they are done. Im very impressed with the staff, cleanliness and skill at Sleek Nails. Tom does my nails, and does so exceptionally well and any of the lovely girls do my pedi, always very well. What really impresses me is how well the staff are treated. Ive been to too many nail salon where staff were treated appallingly and never returned. Sleek Nails ticks all my boxes. And they make a very nice cup of tea.
  • Nat.C   2 reviews
    I've been getting acrylic nails done for just over 10 years, and I can honestly say that I have never come across anyone else that can do my nails as perfectly as TomTom - A.K.A Tom :)
    Like Gina, I to met TomTom @ his rocky point Rd Store in Ramsgate approx 3 years ago! Ever since then I've never looked elsewhere for my nails. Tom 'Gelled' well for me, he is extremly professional, kind & Talented & leaves my nails looking absolutely stunning.
    I still live in the St.George area and do not hesitate to travel to Newtown where he currently has his Nail Salon!! Apart from the fact that TomTom does my nails flawlessly, the prices are reasonable & the service is impeccable - They offer coffee or Tea on arrival & if you have pre-booked you are never kept waiting...
    They are also extreamly freindly to the point that, when I have to take my little girls in, they are tolerable of them and even paint their little nails. (Trust me an 8 & 4 yr old can get pretty inpatient)
    SMILES ALL ROUND - 100% Great A+++++ for Sleek Nails
    Ask for Tom & you won't go wrong!!!

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