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Smik is well known for dressing women in a huge range of the best casual, cocktail, formal, bridesmaids and bridalwear with a generous size range from size 6-30!

Currently located in several locations around NSW, Smik has been at the forefront of fashion for over 30 years.
The Smik team are dedicated to making you feel great by selling the best brands at affordable prices including brands such as Mink Pink, Wish, Seduce, Truese, Bebe Sydney, Cooper Street and the most stunning formal wear by Sherri Hill, Jadore, Tinaholy, Mr K, Paco, Grace & Hart and many more.
Smik is devoted to making you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear and we do so with a high level of experience and professionalism.
In order to keep up with the busy demands of every woman, Smik launched their online fashion store as an extension of their stores to make finding the perfect outfit even easier! We do so with the up-most confidence that you will be happy with your purchase and overall Smik experience. 

Be sure to enjoy the latest fashion arrivals as we update our site with the newest styles weekly!
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Reviews of Smik

  • Really disappointed!! I went into Smik at rouse hill where my friend had just bought her formal dress for year 12, I thought I should try on some dresses too! The staff were quite rude to me and weren't that helpful, until I started trying on dresses. They were pushing me to buy a dress that I loved and did buy, however coming home and giving the dress a really good look over (if they weren't so rude I could have had a better look whilst in the store) I noticed the beading and seaming was falling apart around the back zipper and at the front. I am really upset as it is a Jadore Dress and it is beautiful it's just a shame it got sold to me for $450 and the quality of it is so poor. I am in the middle of doing my HSC and this is the last thing I need on my plate. I'm not sure on their returns policy, but I'm worried they won't do anything to help me. Any suggestions?
  • I have never written a review before but I came across this and was shocked to see people writing bad reviews. I have been a customer of Smik for many years and have always had nothing but a positive experience. The staff are always extremely helpful and friendly. Yes there is a lot of stock, but I am always able to find something for any occasion at great prices. I would definitely prefer to have a shop full of beautiful stock than an outdated shop with no stock.
  • It's such a shame the staff at the rouse hill store are so rude and pushy because their stock is beautiful. I went in today looking to buy some dresses and walked out with nothing. The staff were annoyed that we needed sizes there were three of us and the one dress we liked was ripped when we asked for a new one the response was horribly rude. I will never go in again lucky for us we made our way to another store and managed to buy the same jadore dresses for a minimum of 150 cheaper they are not damaged and the staff were wonderful. Do not shop at smik horrible customer service we left feeling really yucky and intimidated that is not how shopping should make you feel
    • Sorry to hear you had an unpleasant shopping experience. However, we must say Smik is one of Jadore's best stockists and we have never heard any negative feedback in the past. They have always followed our recommended retail price guidelines. Jadore gets consistent repeat orders from Smik and we believe this is due to the high standard of service they offer.
    • Dear jadore evening wear
      If you are looking for negative feedback read the 17 comments below from other shoppers the majority of them agree with me!
      By the way I love jadore dresses and have wadrobes full of them. The two dresses I got for my brothers wedding next month are both jadore. LLove love love jadore keep up the great work.
    • Btw jadore evening dresses my sister picked up her dress from smik this week its a beautiful red dress with a pearl and crystal detail drop at the back however the girl at smik tried to convince her that the dress did not come with the string of pearls and crystals at the back. I think you should have a good look at the conduct of 'one of your best stockists'
  • Absolutely disgusting service. When there was an issue with the sizing of my bridesmaids dresses through a manufacturing fault the staff treated my 16 year old sister attrociously.
    They accused her of putting on weight, and beraded her in front of other customers.
    When i told them i needed to order the next size up they informed me they were charging me the dress that didn't fit and the new one.
    I would never recommend anyone using them. The staff was absolutely disgusting saying awful things about us not realizing my fiance was standing right in front of them.
    There are pleanty of other stores that stock the brands this shop does. Go use one of them and get respectful service.
  • Visited the rouse hill store during the long weekend...what an experience, the shop is over stocked to the point where it is dangerous to even look through the bags that hold their dresses. At one point point one of there racks collapsed just missing a staff member. The management is way too pushy involving self with every other staff members customers, even though they are giving wonderful service and don't require assistance...great selection of dresses, its just a shame about the whole unpleasant shopping experience due to the state of the store and pushy management.
  • Hi,
    Had a great shopping experience last Wednesday. Lisa was extremely helpful in assisting me to choose an outfit for my sons wedding. They have beautiful dresses and lots of choice at a very reasonable price. Lisa was able to help me choose something that I was very happy with (and I am very hard to please!), along with all the accessories. I would definitely recommend that this is the first place to look if you are after a professional shopping experience.
  • Fantastic! The best service ever. I took my mother aged 70 to get a dress for my wedding. The staff immediately helped, pulling 5 dresses off the rack. My mum looked amazing in all and they even styled here jewllery - She said it had been the best shopping experience she had, had in years... and took 10 mins... She looked beautiful.

    I also went another time to get a dress and again the staff picked out two that suited me perfectly. You really cant get service, or choice of clothes like this anywhere else... Sensational

    Thank you so much x
  • Rouse hill Smik although has many evening dresses, most of the brand dresses are in bags squashed together blocking 1/3 of the store where you are yelled at if you want to go through the bags to see the dresses not to mention the OH&S issues of the way the store is!
    The staff at smik rouse hill are extremely rude, unhelpful, pushy with no manners or understanding about customer service!!
    They are quiet pushy with making sales and don't listen or help with what the customer wants!
    The management is quiet rude and blunt.
    Management refused to refund the money.
    With the accessories/belts that doesn't have price tag, each staff member makes up a different price when asked.
    I was told last week a belt was $39 when I went in today to buy it the other person said its $79 and when I told staff I was told a different price the over day staff said "ah well it is what it is do u want it or not"
    Considering the amount of $ ppl spend in this shop as most their dresses are over $300, the service and terrible attitude from the staff makes the experience quiet awful.
  • I recently visited Rouse Hill smik, and I was greeted with very friendly young staff. Although there was one particular staff member who made me feel as if I didn't belong in the shop, when I told staff I had a low budget. When the shop is busy it is very hard to get around the place. The dresses are beautiful, but I think I could fly to another country and buy a nice cheaper dress for the same price of some of their dresses.
  • Not worthy of any stars!! Staff are extremely rude and buyers beware if you purchase a faulty item dont think you are able to get a refund no they refuse to give you one and you will be blamed for the fault such as a pulled thread.. I had shopped their once and never again. I spent well over $400. Will never buy a item from smik from any stores or on line. i spoke with the management and was extremely rude.
  • I would love to say that the shopping here is great. The younger staff are doing exactly what they are supposed to do and help out as it is easier to find dresses that are too hard to look for and it shows that they have a great variety. Everyone there is helpful, yes the management are a bit pushy. But hey which store doesn't do that. I'd rather have someone polite to help me out then have those other girls that don't even look at your face when you walk into a another store! They have a smile and are always willing to help. That's what I like about this staff. Their dresses are amazing and so are they. Good job girls !! I'm glad to see that someone is caring for their customers and are always on the look out to make sure you are satisfied!! Don't hate. Appreciate. And if the dresses are too pricey for you. Go to the dollhouse and check out their prices then come back to Smik and see what you think. I'm sure you will be running back.
  • Recently visited the rouse hill store on a Saturday and was greeted by what could only be described as a mad management who insisted I try everything on in the shop that I was not interested in mainly because they were about twenty years too old for me. Found the whole experience overwhelming, just so pushy and overbearing. Made me feel so uncomfortable, I love smik clothes but will only continue to shop there during the week where I know I will have a much better shopping experience as I have always had in the past.
  • Much unlike other patrons I had a very positive experience at Smik in Rouse Hill, there was a great selection of beautiful gowns but the true winner here was the staff especially Lisa a true professional, knowing her stuff, helpful & in touch with what I was after. Had fun shopping there found an amazing & well priced gown for one of the most important days in my life, my daughters wedding...
  • I first went to Smik Rouse Hill in 2012 for a dress for my son's wedding. I left a VERY satisfied customer. Today I went to have a look at gowns for a ball I will be attending soon and checked this site for the address as I had forgotten where it was as I don't live in the area. I was shocked to read the negative reviews and on arriving at Smik I was on my guard. I am so annoyed for letting the negative reviews get to me. I had wonderful service today. In particular, a lovely young lady named Roma as well as other ladies who gave advice and assistance who were most attentive, honest and genuine in their help. I have the highest praise for the quality of service at Smik and commend the staff who are run off their feet I may say but serve with a smile. Congratulations.
  • Honestly, I don't know why I shop here. They have gorgeous clothes, but really there's nothing I couldn't buy online and have delivered for the same price a lot of the time. The last few times I have visited this Rouse Hill store, I have left feeling awful! One of the staff can be downright rude. Some that work there are also clueless. They take your clothes off you will you shop and 'put them in the change room for you', which in my experience means they get dumped somewhere and another staff member puts them all back on the shelf forcing you to start over. Occasionally I have had good service here, but more often than not the staff are superior and unhelpful. I have had very good experiences at their Windsor store though, so may just shop there in the future.
    • Hi Friend,
      Is better if you go on weekends the owner is the she is great?
      I was there today for for a dress I did not like!
      I was there 2 weeks a go the owner was there she was so nice to me.
  • I loved this store when it first opened, the staff were friendly and very helpful. There is one particular staff member there now, not sure if they are the management but certainly acts as though they run the show. I was looking for a dress to wear to the races and proceeded to show me an evening dress. When I explained that I didn't think the dress was quite right for the races, they responded with "The races are quite dressy you know, haven't you been to the races before?" The tone was rude and condescending and it was not the first time I'd experienced this attitude from them. I now have daughters in yr10 and yr12, unfortunately we did our formal shopping in the city, I won't be back. (Unless ofcourse the original staff come back.)
  • Poor customer service... I found the staff rude and pushy with sales... Smik at Windsor has friendly and helpful staff! Prefer to travel further out to Windsor for better customer service...
  • I can't help but agree with the previous comment. they have such lovely stock and are one of the only stores in the area that provide the clothing brands I like, however the service is average at best... Most don't even know how to help with specific requests, and considering this is business is a niche market, that's a little disappointing (especially considering how much money the customers must spend - evening gowns and the likes do not come cheap)! I also think computers would be a big asset to what is now quite a large business (multiple stores, large clientele), as writing everything down by hand seems to be time-consuming and confusing. Requests go missing, and they can't can't search for items to order online.
    All in all though, the stock is wonderful, and none of this nit-picking would make me want to stop shopping there, as there really isn't anywhere nearby with the diversity of brands and styles. I also like that they can pull things from their other stores for you if they're available.
  • Great range of clothing which is the only thing this shop has going for it, the sales staff are a bit stressed out and rude i buy something from there probably every weekend. I wanted to exchange something on the weekend because I had been pressured into buying it and after getting home it didnt fit they didnt have a size down so i asked if I could get something else,I was questioned by the older staff who works there I assume she has the position because she is constanly barking orders at the young sales staff. After feeling humiliated by the spanish inquisition in front of everyone on the shop I purchased another dress which I dont really like either but was made feel like I was inconveniencing everyone by taking up a change room. I will not be going back to that shop ever again.

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