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Soup is a Word of Mouth Marketing company that works with people and brands to find the best ways to launch new products and ideas. Soup involve influential, well-connected people

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Reviews of Soup Marketing Australia

  • I signed up with soup a few years ago, after seeing a story about them on TV. Over the years i have taken part in many varied campaigns - from hair products to iced tea. I love the way they get you involved and supply you with loads of goodies to try and share with your friends.
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    What I really like about these people from a reviewer or product sample viewer point is that they really think about their promotions from both sides. The view point of the company they are marketing as well as how it will reflect on the people using their products.

    You see, that's the difference with Soup, you aren't doing a survey. It's not - here are 4 new soaps launched by this company, please fill out this on line form. They are about building communities and building long term relationships between the companies which pay them, and the wider community in general. If I can give you an example, I am still checking the Panasonic site regularly after Soup Marketing introduced me to their online community. It's not just a one off product demo or otherwise.

    With a juice promotion - they gave me enough juice to host a party and enough information like "fun" handouts which made me invite friends over and so on. It wasn't in this small vacuum which I feel a lot of other marketing companies seem to employ. I am supported to tell more people about it, whereas if you start telling other people about companies like "See film first" it means less people will get tickets to the movies, and you may miss out. The bigger the community the better.

    I have been with Soup for years now and as long as you answer the question honestly to start off with, you will find each promotion awesome and well worth the time and reward.

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