Department Stores
Belrose, NSW
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Reviews of Spotlight

  • mins Local Star 815 reviews
    I discovered this awesome shelf of party games, all the old school favorites that you could cheaply buy and run your owns children's party. Like pin the tail on the donkey and bobbing apples. They are all about $20 each and great tools to have a fun party.
  • mins Local Star 815 reviews
    They have the best craft section, aisle upon aisle of jewelry making, knitting, card creations, beadwork and this is the best place to buy felt squared as they have a large range of colours.
  • mumsrite Local Star 224 reviews
    This shop has a wide range of products from pillow slips to buttons, curtain rails to artificial flowers, well stocked with fabrics and craft stuff.

    Just one flaw; their customer service is a tat slow.
  • Look i love spotlight. There is nothing better walking into a spotlight with a short list of things needed and then walking out with baskets loads of bits and peices that are a must have. We recently went there again for Halloween costumes. They had a huge range and we spent about an hour picking out the scariest costumes and accessories possible for the coming weekend. There is so much to choose from here - but i have to say the one consistent at this place is the SLOW service. Each time i go there i forget about how bad and how slow the service is here - only to be reminded when i have to line up for 25 minutes to pay for my purchases. If only they could get the customer service and check out right.....
  • limited range and consistantly very slow service at the material counter. If your lucky you get one of the helpful ladies who smile. It is a disappointment that the shop and service did not improve with the site move.

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