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  • supportlocal2777 Newbie   1 review
    Never going back. Ordered 2 small pizzas and was advised there would be a 40min wait on pick up. Drove the 20 mins to pick it up and then spent another 40mins waiting in the car, a total of 80 mins waiting! They then proceeded to overcharge me. When i called that evening the management said that they were understaffed and could not blame them, that everyone had the same wait and i had no right to complain. When it came to receiving my refund for the overcharge they said i could either be given a store credit (which due to the terrible service i did not want) or pay the .80c EFTPOS fee for a return... in effect paying a total if $1.60 for using card! The management was highly unprofessional, rude and intolerant of my feedback, even had the nerve to tell me to keep my child quiet while i talk to them. Having worked in hospitality management for over 10years never have I come across such disregard for quality service or incompetence for professional dealings. Oh and the Aussie pizza had eggshells through it. NEVER AGAIN.
  • springwoodian Newbie   1 review
    I have been a customer of Springwood Pizza for nearly 30 years but I am not happy with the new management. Prices have increase and there are now extra charges for items originally included. The wait time was much longer than stated The pizza bases seem different as well. Although taste is still fine they have outpriced themselves with me and my new regular pizza place will be elsewhere.
  • AltCtrl   2 reviews
    I had a terrible experience here, they gave me a burnt pizza and then they gave me a very undercooked one.

    Never going back.
  • Waterbabe Newbie   1 review
    Fantastic fresh ingredients generously topped onto a tasty base. Great service and good prices - could not have done better!
  • JonoG123 Newbie   1 review
    Absolutely appalled!!!
    We have been ordering Springwood Pizzas for close to 15 years and have loved it until recently.
    The business has been taken over by new management and the last two time it has taken over 2 hours to get our order delivered even though they have said it would only take 40-45mins, when we complained we got yelled at by the new management...
    Won't be going back!!
  • BobBoberson Newbie   1 review
    I order pizza from here some months ago and it was very burnt on the bottom, it was replaced but not before i'd driven home and back again. Nothing was offered for the inconvenience. The pizzas were ok but nothing special.

    Today i went back to give it another go and was totally disappointed. Paying $20 for a large pizza when i can pick up two large pizzas from other pizza store for $16 is a bit steep but if they are made well then why not. The problem is they aren't made well. The cheese on top was burnt, the base was soggy and the cabanossi they use tastes terrible. There was generous amounts of topping but because the cheese is on top most of the flavour is taken away. I've eaten pizzas from the frozen food section of the supermarket with better flavour. In fact i would rate frozen pizza above any of the pizzas i've gotten from Springwood pizza.

    We ate half the pizza and threw the rest out. Entirely unappetizing.
  • PizzaSucks Newbie   1 review
    Have ordered from Springwood Pizza quite a few times in the past. This time the price was increased. Both my menu & their online menus did NOT reflect the correct price & delivery was quite expensive too. They are now the most expensive in town by $4+ per pizza.

    As for the quality of pizza. It was okay. Nothing more.
  • Aemzed   2 reviews
    If you like traditional and gourmet pizzas, STAY AWAY!
    These pizzas are really crass and gross. Excessive use of sauces. They were generous with toppings, but each slice was so sickening, I couldn't even finish. I have tried several of their pizzas.

  • Allovera   5 reviews
    Anything is betterr than Dominoes and these guys are always cheery, service with the smile! Best Pizzas are the ones with minimal toppings as the Supremes etc are not cooked well, due to their overly generous toppings! Would definitely go back for the service with a smile.
  • Andrew Woods Newbie   1 review
    Mad pizzas... Medium is just right for 1 person to have for dinner. Once you have one of these Pizzas you will never want any others...



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