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Spud Shed

Fruits & Vegetables
Baldivis, WA
Open today - 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
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Reviews of Spud Shed

  • i shop at the spud shed every week i come home with a lot of vegies and my fridge is always full for the week it is true value for money they sell a variety of foods i just love going out there also usually on the weekend there is a sausage sizzle ill shop there for many yrs to come and the service is great all the staff are very polite and i couldnt ask for anything better than the spud shed YOU ALL ROCK SMILE
  • I was told to go to spud yet finally got around to it. I had $50 on me and was just scraping to get through the week. After I left the spud shed I had a fridge full of vegies and enough food for a fortnight and I was gobsmacked with the prices and the quality. Good on ya spudshed! stick it to the greedy dogs called woolworths and coles!! Cooking more and getting healthier as buying food is realistic and affordable at the Spud shed.
  • I WAS a staunch supporter of spud shed for many years, but unfortunately I feel that something has changed in the agenda of the owners recently....... I have recently been throwing the majority of the fruits and vegetables away after getting them home to sample them. Recently 2 whole watermelons costing over $20 dollars were floury beyond eating and similar with plums mandarines apples and grapes... all in the bin after tasting them at home..... I am sorry to have to say it but I really think its better value to shop at a place where you can actually eat the food you pay for. My suspicion is that Spud shed is feeling the pinch with the new milk prices and other pressures from the big supermarket chains and they are ripping people off before they fold.... why else is there no attempt to finish the promised rebuild that was supposed to see the entry to the Baldivis shop relocated to the "Front" as promised..... Maybe thats not the case but its definate that their standards of quality produce have gone out the door recently.... I for one am sick of throwing my money (fruit and vege's) away instead of being able to eat it.... No more spud shed for me!!
  • I love the spud shed. I have only just moved to the area and I am starting out with my partner which is not cheap with rent, bills and food but thanks to the spud shed we have been able to save alot of our money for other things. Both being on poor wages is hard but not so much when we shop at spud shed (:
  • The Spud Shed has helped me save money on my groceries every week with their amazing prices. My families health has also improved as we are able to buy more fruit and veg. The service is great and I always get served with a smile, even when they're run off their feet.
  • The Spud Shed helped my family save alot of money with groceries.... Everything is so affordable and cheap az chipz.. like literally!! when the spud shed burnt down i thought great now our shopping bill is going tro double or possibly triple koz supermarkets are way 2 over priced!! but it was rebuilt and i was there that week.. doing shopping and everything the spud shed is your one stop shop for all ur groceries.. they even sell toilet paper!! i love the spud shed.. where else can u get bread for like 89c seriously!!
  • Spud shed has helped our family budget greatly. Their prices are always cheaper than perth metro shops and I think it is wirth the trip there. I go every week and my weekly shopping bill for a family of two adults and two teenagers averages $90.
    Thankyou spud shed for keeping the food cheap
  • Used to go there all the time. Wouldn't go back, had to throw away most of the fruit I got the other day, and a lot the time before. All looked ok on the outside, but rotten inside.
  • A great place to shop for cheap fruit and veges.

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