St. Francis Catholic Church

Melbourne, VIC
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Reviews of St. Francis Catholic Church

  • starwoman8 Local Star 1,010 reviews
    This is my favourite of Melbourne's churches and is possibly the loveliest and most serene. They have many services and there is a gift section if you wish to buy a statuette or souvenir. The staff is so lovely and the church has the most amazing atmosphere! It's a visually stunning church and a part of Melbourne's history.
  • werxj Local Star 955 reviews
    Beautiful and huge Catholic church in the city. Serene, gorgeous interior, lovely space outdoor.
  • The place is so serene and quite.It eases my soul and the peaceful place makes me feel at home. i love the solemnity of the church.
  • one of my favorite church in Melbourne. . . the church is cozy and very solemn. . love all the people who manage St. Francis. And one of my dreams is to have my wedding ceremony here soon. .
  • love to attend mass here every Sunday with my family. . the mass was very solemn, has the best choir and priest. the design of the chair was amazing. you can have piece of mind here when everytime you come here.
  • It has many different mass times every Saturday and Sunday which means if you missed a certain mass time you can always go to the next one. Unlike some churches which only have one mass a week

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