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Reviews of St George Animal Hospital

  • The staff at this practice are so lovely and caring. My pooch Minnie loves coming here (which seems unusual). The vets and nurses are always so nice and always make her feel special with lots of cuddles and liver treats!
    I got the keyhole surgery for my baby as she is so special to us and deserves only the best care. I didn't know what to expect but it turned out really well! She didn't even notice and I highly recommend it.
  • I wanted to recommend this practice to anyone looking for a vet in the area. We recently got our little girl Misty and had had never owned a dog before. At her puppy vaccinations the vets were very caring and informative. Last week Misty was desexed through keyhole surgery and was back to herself by the next day. Our whole experience with the practice has been great!!!
  • These guys have always provided my dog Oscar with the best care possible. I wanted to thank them all for the compassion and support they provided my family and I with Oscar's final days.
  • I have recently moved to the area and was anxious to find the right vet to care for my animals. I found the staff and vets at St George Animal Hospital to be extremely helpful and caring towards my pets. I was especially impressed at the keyhole desexing performed on my dog Pebbles. She recovered so quickly and only had two small surgery wounds.
  • We are are writing to describe the wonderful service and caring nature of the staff here. We met under dire circumstances on the evening on the 25th May 2010. Our beloved little Spoodle Samson was hit by a car in Blakehurst. Our usual vet was closed and so we made a dash to the St George Vet Hospital. We believe that our little boy, who just turned two had already lost his fight when we arrived. We were greeted by head nurse Lauren who immediately did her best although we knew it was probably too late. She was so understanding and shared time with us and allowed all the time we needed to say our goodbyes to our little one. We gratefully accepted her offer to leave him there in her care until we decided what we going to do. We would have paid any amount of money to save him or for him to cared for, however the generosity flowed when Lauren said there would be no charge for keeping him even a few days. We arrived to see him 5 days later, we met Melissa the Vet Manager. It was a very busy day and she took time out to prepare him for our visit. We could not be happier with the service even though we were not clients. She thoughtfully arranged the cremation and was extremely caring throughout the whole ordeal. A big thank you goes out to you....This is not just a business, the people here really do care for our furry family friends. Keep up the great work...Nick & Johanna
  • We have been going to St George animal hospital since 2002 and we thought they were exceptional, very caring and committed towards the health of our loved friends. In 2005 we moved to Europe with our two cats and the dog and come back to Australia in 2009. later that year our older cat (8 years old) starting to be unwell, always regurgitating his food and losing weight so we decided to go and get an opinion on what was wrong with him so blood test and urine test were done and also x rays for a total of 700 dollars and the results were inconclusive. we asked if there was a chance that he had stomach cancer, but they said if that was the case it would be on the test results so they gave us large spectrum antibiotics and ant inflammatory saying that probably he had a kidney problem. after one month our beloved cat had an internal bleeding and the conclusion of the same vet was that he had advanced stomach cancer and the was nothing we could have done, so we said good bye to our beautiful cat.

    Last week my dog cut himself on the screen door of our backyard, the wound was quiet deep and we took him in, it was 6:30pm, they said the vet was on the phone, at 7:15pm the vet came out and said because it was after 7pm it would be an after hour fee of 190 dollars + the consultation + whatever needed to be done!! we're not very rich at the moment so we just asked if they thought he needed stitches, and if yes, was OK to wait till the day after. Their answer was if you don't pay the after hour fee and the consultation they weren't going to tell us anything!!

    They were very good once, but good things sometimes they turn bad.
  • St George Animal Hospital are easily located on the main road with side street parking and offer professional and friendly service for all the pets in your family.Staff are knowledgable and very helpful
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