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  • NotHappyMan Newbie   2 reviews
    As a professional investor, I have had a huge number of major problems with St. George Bank. These problems range from MAJOR banking errors in calculation to extreme rudeness of staff.

    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend St. George Bank for either personal nor investment banking purposes.
  • Interested Consumer Newbie   1 review
    As with insurance, its easy to say a company is great if youve never had a claim or had to call them, like I did today with St. George. I was trying to find out why money transferred to my account hadn't been credited after five days, which is bad in itself. It took a half-hour to have them answer the call then another half hour while the representative waited in vain for another department to answer. We both gave up at that point and I said I would move my account and make a complaint against the bank. The money was suddenly put into my account. Im changing banks. Anyone has to be better.
  • Alana67 Newbie   1 review
    As far as having a credit card with them goes, they are an absolute NIGHTMARE. As soon as I'm overdrawn ...whether it be $50.00 or $200.00, this people call and call and call. They ask me for identity details and expect me to answer when they could be anyone. Why let allow customers to go over their limit if they are going to be rude!!? Avoid at all costs!
  • flora   114 reviews
    The first team leader I originally spoke to was like a broken record she kept repeating the same phrase & would not listen to what I was saying, her poor customer service skills sure won't do anything positive for the company & will annoy all the clients. If you want to get anywhere with this company you need to call until you get through to someone reasonable & helpful after my 4th phone call I got through to someone helpful in the Kogarah branch & her sympathetic helpful attitude was a breath of fresh air. If you have free time on your hands call this company but if you don't have free time don't bother since the long delay to get through to a person is not worth the hassle since you may need to call three or more times before getting through to someone that will help
  • ACN: 000 000 000
  • ABN: 92 055 513 070

St George

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