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Reviews of St Ives Cycles

  • I know there are 2 stores in St Ives, so not sure if everyone if referring to the same shop however my expeirence with these guys has been fantastic. The mechanic rides for one of the national teams and really helpful and knowledgable. In fact its the only bike shop I have been to where they provide a warranty for service and will fit parts I have bought on-line. I dont normally write on these things but know its easier to complain than write a compliment and think these guys deserve the praise.
  • recently took my wife's bike to this shop to help replace the running gear. Purchased recently took my wife's bike to this shop to help replace the running gear. Purchased SRAM red chain and 10 speed cluster (overpriced) which they fitted. The chain failed after 3 rides and injured my wife and damaged the bike. They repaired the bike but charged another $80 and refused to take responsibility for the chain failure - which their mechanic fitted. The chain failed again after 2 rides, causing another crash. Will never go to this shop again.
    • Providing a chain and then blaming a mechanic for it failing isn't quite right. Chains can fail through no fault of a mechanic... I'd go as far to say that most chain failures happen because of using gears incorrectly, rather than a fitting problem. That they charged you again is probably a bit rough, but I'm sure if you bought the chain from them, they'd look after you more. Obviously you had a sour experience from the service, though, and that's disappointing to hear.
    • "most chain failures happen because of using gears incorrectly" - SRAM chains fitted by a professional, with a new cluster do not fail within 3 rides does not matter how much a a gumby you are at "using gears". In my experience 95% of chain failures are caused by incorrect fitting. btw, SRAM chains come with a 2 year warranty. They should take it back and ask for a complete refund because if it is not a fitting problem the chain is faulty.
  • I recently purchased a Giant bike at a more competitive price here than i could find through any major stores. The owner had it assembled and ready for pick up the next morning, and even offered to deliver it to me if that was more convenient. Highly recommend this store.
  • great shop and in fact pricing was way better than the other nth shore stores. Yeah its small but customer service is exceptional and they will match any price and get any item in. I found them really knowledgeable.
  • This shop has recently changed hands. The new management knows nothing about bikes, is way over priced. AVOID THIS SHOP
  • What a great shop. Service is excellent and range is good for it's size. Highly recommend that if you are looking for personalised service, go visit the guys in the shop.
    Looks like the first posting is from a competitor on the North Shore!
  • I have been given a very good price on a Giant Mountain bike (Trance X1) here, $500 cheaper than the next best price I had with quite a bit of shopping around, so I don't agree with the comment on pricing.
  • The only good thing about this shop is the customer service. The stock range is quite small given that it's a small shop, but maybe you should put just a few more bikes in there?
  • This place has a limited range, great customer service and is incredibly over-priced. Maybe its just the area, but the prices seem overly high for the bikes, and the repairs seem to cost a fair bit as well. If you can, i would reccommend trying to find a bigger and cheaper store, because it shouldn't be too hard, as this store sets a low standard.

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