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Reviews of Stanmore Laundrette & Dry Cleaning

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    Not good is an understatement. I left an expensive quilted bedspread there on the Friday, mid lunchtime. The place was filled with bags of laundry that just seemed to fill every space, with no discernable order.

    Upon entering I wasn't greeted in anyway, so started the conversation with a "hello, are you able to wash this bedspread?" to which I was told, quite rudely, "yes but you have to pick up today". After explaining I couldn't pick it up today, I was told to pick it up at 8am tomorrow (Saturday). I admit I slept in, so sent my sister to pick it up at about 10am. When she arrived, they asked her to pay as they looked for it. They tried to give her someone else's doona insert to which she repeatedly had to say "No, it's like a blanket. A quilted blanket." They said they must have given it to someone else and to come back on Sunday. My sister told them she would come back in the afternoon to collect it.

    I called them at 3pm and they told me that they were sending someone to go collect it and they would call me when it was available for collection.

    I received a phone call and, again without a greeting, was told to pick it up today. I said I would be there in half an hour. Showing up, half an hour later, I walked into someone's high school aged daughter talking on her mobile while someone else waited. She interrupted the conversation to ask me what I wanted and I pointed to the bedspread at the door saying I had come to collect it and showed her the docket. She took the docket and went back to her conversation. After finding out how much to charge the man ahead of me she then told me it would be $25. I explained that my sister had paid this morning when she had come to collect it before finding out that it had been given to someone else. The girl then called her mother again and then said to me "do you want to speak to my mother?" I said no and they were off their heads if they thought I would pay again for something that had been paid for and lost. The girl spoke to her mother again and I was told that she had me confused with someone else. I left. As I returned to my car, I noticed that the blanket still had marks and dirt on it. So have paid for my bedspread to be folded.

    Stay away. It's not worth the hassle, irritation and the attempts to continually charge you for poor quality work.

    Clearly they have no knowledge of how to run a business or any respect for their clients. Definitely not going there again.
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  • TERRIBLE!!!! Warning to others, do not take your clothes here. Shocking, rude and disorganised service. Mixed up my order and literally screamed at me when I questioned why half my stuff was missing, wet and covered in laundry powder! Steer clear.
    • This place should be shut down. I've lost 2 pairs of shorts,1 t-shirt, 1 beach towel, numerous socks (hey, I can forgive that), over the last 2 years and each time I've stupidly kept giving them another chance. I started printing a list for them to check off against and on the weekend they lose another bath towel. That's the last straw. Each time they say, "are you sure?" they never say sorry or accept responsibility or do the decent thing like maybe offering a free wash to make up for their mistake. They denied and denied on the weekend and said that they're not happy with me!. Incompetent, with a shocking attitude to match.

      Avoid this place and pass the message on to others.
  • This Laundry service lost four expensive business shirts - gave them to someone who didn't have a ticket!
    They say to me I am a "good customer", yet months later and still on resolution; the best offer is $25 per shirt!
    I really wanted to avoid going to Department of Fair Trading.
  • Good Dry Cleaner

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