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Reviews of Starbucks

  • Wasteland Local Star 244 reviews
    Great location and awesome service.

    They have a great variety of drinks & great tasting sandwiches.

    They were even given away a whole load of ice coffees when I was in there last. Yum! :)
  • You never need to wait too long for a Cupp
  • Good location. Friendly staff. Can't ask for much more.
  • This exact branch is good enough end lives up to the expected quality. I love the whole variety of the franchise.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    I've never class a franchised coffee house as proper coffee, but I like all the alternatives like a frappuccino. There's plenty of seating down and upstairs, and its one of the only 'cafe's' I know around Haymarket that is open late.
  • Waldoeview Cafe Crowd 118 reviews
    Waldo loves a coffee and i'm partial to a Starbucks signature hot chocolate with two shots.

    Yesireebob I'll do a days shopping with the missus just so i can visit Starbucks George St Sydney for a fix of my favourite Sig shooter.

    Recently undergone a refurb this Starbucks is a busy one and thank you Starbucks for keeping her alive...Yup it keeps me going when i'm in the city.

    Youngster says, HELLO "Brownies are delish and sig ice choco is the way to go. Caramel slice when fresh is scrumptious.

    Happy chatty staff, efficient swift line does go along way to ensuring the wait is reasonable and the coffee is HOT!!!

    Enough outside seating and upstairs inside too, you can get in on the rainy days.


    P.S. I can get my sig shooter in China too and its just as good.

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