Sterling Radiology

Specialist Medical Services
Balcatta, WA
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Reviews of Sterling Radiology

  • I've had one scan here and found them efficient. not overly amazing. The staff did there job but that's about it. I was taken into my scan quickly and the tech seemed very knowledgeable and i felt as though my scan was performed to a high standard. I dont like the way you get the large see thru films and no disc or tv to watch (the scan I had done was not a pregnancy scan - but i still like to watch)

    I have a pregnancy scan booked there in August 2012 (7w5d), I'm not having my NT scans or morph scans there as I want a good baby experience but for my dating scan I just wanna make sure baby has a hb! its free you cant expect quality, brilliant care its there to get accurate results and thats what I got :)
  • Terrible experience, rushed me in and out for the full anatomy scan in 20 mins. There is no screen for you to watch, no images on a disc to take, would't look for the gender. Extremely unfriendly and rude. Didn't tell me what he was doing on the whole time. Complained the whole time that my baby was difficult, very uncaring, cold and totally ruined what was supposed to be a very special, exciting day. I left very upset & am now having to pay for a proper thorough ultrasound elsewhere as Medicare won't fork out twice. Avoid this place!
    • Very pleasant experience. I have been to this practice 3 times. 2 times for an ultrasound and once for an FNA that was painless and I had no discomfort at all. The lady that did my ultrasound was lovely and very reassuring. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone.

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