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  • hhmm Newbie   1 review
    The only thing good thing I could say about this place is the reception staff was lovely. My car was sent here as I was a third party in an accident, so I had no choice where this was sent. Vehicle was involved in a nose to tail smash. Picked the vehicle up once it was \"fixed\" and took it straight to my dad\'s. Lucky, because there was a drill with a socket attachment still attached to a bolt in the engine bay, just hanging there, that my dad found after I\'d driven the car all the way home. We also found the cap from the back of the headlight just resting on the oil cap. When I took the drill back to them, I asked them to re-aim the headlights, as one pointed up and right and the other pointed basically straight down. It took 3 \"mechanics\" 15 minutes to fix this. When I got the vehicle serviced a few months later, I was informed that my wheel alignment was so far gone (from the accident) that it had ruined my two (almost new) front tyres. Paid to replace both of those. Once I got sick of the headlights not actually being aimed - one was fine, the other still pointed straight to the ground - I got my dad to check it out. Turns out, the reason 3 mechanics couldn\'t re-aim my headlight is because there was a piece missing. Which they didn\'t fix or inform me of when I asked them to fix it. Not only this, but in the process of checking out the lights, we discovered that the headlights weren\'t even completely screwed in. The bottom screws were just left out. It looks like they\'d put on the front bumper section, realised the lights were meant to go first, decided to not bother and just tuck them in and only screw the top in. To top it all off, when I went to the wreckers to find the part that was missing out of the headlight to re-aim it, the staff there asked me who had screwed up so badly with everything that went on with the car. I told them these smash repairs, they laughed, threw their hands in the air and exclaimed \"Say no more! That explains it all.\" They also took the time to inform me that the brand of headlight they\'d used to replace my damaged ones were one of the cheapest after market ones available. Pretty much sums up what I was thinking. Pretty disgusted that I have to source parts for a car that was meant to be \"fixed\" after someone smashed into me. After they messed up so much stuff. Didn\'t even going back to them to ask them to fix it, because really, if 3 mechanics can\'t aim some headlights, what hope do I have in getting my car fixed?

    1 month ago - 05/03/2014

  • kieronf84   2 reviews
    this is honestly the WORST buisness ive ever been to, my vechicle came back scratched, buff marks everywhere, all rubbers around doors damaged and my passanger side mirror damaged.

    management is unhelpful and rude! i regret taking my brand new vechicle there!


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