Stingers Tattoo Studio

St Marys, NSW
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Reviews of Stingers Tattoo Studio

  • Friendly & helpful staff! Great work on the 3 Turtles I got on my arm in February. For fantastic detailed work ask for Jamie. Thanks Guys x
  • good tats here love it :)
  • Mad tattoo shop friendly as anything see Jamie for quality work
    basics anyone can do it here
  • very impressed with stingers the artist fully understood what i wanted and did a perfect job on my sleve would recommend stinger to anybody top notch guys well donw
  • Very angry with how I was treated. i went in to get a tattoo quote and the man I spoke to was very rude to me and didn't help at all. He just told me to go get it printed to the size I wanted so he can tell me how much it would really cost, even though I showed him how big I wanted it. not happy! they've lost a client.
  • very angry with the tattoo i got, i had advised them of what i wanted and got the total oposite but what do u say when they are half way through.... i would never recomend them for anything. i gave a design and it totally changed when your layed down and cant see u exopect to get what you ask for; would gve a rating out of 10 a 3 not happy at all and the response was well i like it.
  • bestest place to get a tat, fantastically friendly staff and a nice, sterile, comfortable environment :) had a couple done there and everyone who i have suggested using Stingers loves it!
  • The Absolute best to get a tat.
    friendly people in a welcoming atmosphere.
    good value for money.

    had 2 tat's done there and continuing to go back for more.

    absolute tops!!