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Strands Of Colour

Campbelltown, NSW
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Reviews of Strands Of Colour

  • This salon is the best salon I have ever been to. I've been going to strands of colour for the past 3 mnths (2 colour appts) and they are amazing. I completely trust their advice on my hair and they haven't gone wrong yet!
    It's quite noticeable in the level of skill and training these girls have undergone. They are polite, happy, energetic and you can see they love their work.
    I have recently seen Marley for my colour and she is the best colourist I've ever had! And Jillian for my hair cut she is amazing.
    I love this place so much I could live there!

    You'd be crazy not to try it out... Have a coffee and little shortbread while your there!
  • I recently went to strands of colour and I was a new client. They were amazing. From the moment I stepped into the salon the vibe, the positive attitude from the staff, they were so lovley to me and most of all to each other. I had a very thorough consultation before my colour and haircut they even quoted what I would be expecting to pay just to make sure it was okay with me at the start so there was no surprises at the end. My colour was perfect and my haircut was exactly what I wanted. They even had the most amazing coffee and little biscuits. I will defiantly be a returning client.

    I went there for the first time and it was horrible first I got there and waited almost an hour and the lady that was doing my hair didn't really seem to care all that much I was waiting there but when they finally got me started she didn't listen to me with what Colour I wanted and gave me something totally different! When doing my hair all she did was talk about herself and her dog which was really annoying considering my beautiful max had just passed away. I felt like I was rushed in and out I order a coffee there and it never came the hairdresser once she was finished went to the front desk and sat down and did whatever she had to do and forgot to bring me one in all

  • I have been going to Strands for years. They are always so lovely to the customers. Apart from being great hairdressers they go that bit further and lovely hot chocolate, cappucinos and champagne are the order of the day. Not many like these around !!
  • I recently visited Strands of colour & was sooo please they even fitted me in at a time that suited me. The service & staff were excellent..will definatly be going back & telling family & friend
  • Just had my hair done at Strands of Colour and i am just so suprised that such a wonderful place exists in campbelltown! I was referred by my mum who went there for the first time last week and could not stop raving about her hair.
    I had my hair coloured and cut and also an upstyle for my engagement party which was on that night.
    My colour took a little bit of work because i wanted a change for my party but i found the colourist very professional and efficient. Before we started the colour she took me through the process step by step and showed me everything she was going to do. I had a picture of Jennifer Aniston to show her the exact colour i wanted. When it was finished i was so happy with the result, it was exactly what i wanted and looked just like the picture.
    The lady who cut my hair was really very nice and also professional. She also asked me lots of questions and showed me lots of pictures. The cut was amazing, my hair looked and felt so fresh and healthy. She used lots of different techniques to cut my hair but actually took the time to explain why she was cutting it a certain way with different scissors and how it would make the hair look and feel etc. It was exciting watching the different ways to cut the hair. I thought that you just used a normal pair of scissors and just cut a straight line!!!
    After my cut the girl curled my hair and put it up for me. It was beautiful and much effort was made. I was so happy i rebooked for my wedding!!!
    The salon was very clean and tidy. The staff were very happy and friendly. I was constantly offered a tea or coffee and most importantly my head massage was to die for!!
    Over all i give Strands of colour a 10/10. I went in with high hopes and wasnt dissappointed. I was actually relieved that i had found such a wonderful salon close to home and i dont have to travel into the city anymore.
    I will be returning to Strands of Colour.
  • Recently paid $230 to *strands of colour* to screw up my hair colour. Previously went there once or twice, and was satisfied so thought I would try again. So I'll start of by saying what I did like about the salon- All the staff do seem quite nice, they bring out food and champagne for you whilst you do get a service done and are really helpful when it does come to suggestions.

    What I did not like about this particular time was the fact that I had told them I did want to achieve a lighter colour, my hair is black naturally, however have been going back and forth from dark to light over the years but in stages with no problems. They had suggested to bleach my hair and dye it brown and scatter caramel foils through to lighten it. So I get that the base colour of my hair could not go too light even though this has been achieved in previous years. What I did not like was the fact my hair colourist kept using all this hairdressing jargon in relation to colour and did not show me the colour chart until AFTER, I had heard them mention a 6 etc, but I remember one time I did dye my hair to that colour and it came out quite dark, so I told them I think that'd be too dark what I wanted to achieve and they said 'no not really' *they didn't show me the colour chart to reassure me at that stage. Another colourist then proceeded to foil my hair, after showing them 2-3 photos of what I'd prefer and how the foils sat around my face which was predominantly on the top section and to make it fine, they scattered 'halo foils' of chunks underneath my hair parting, which is covered, and really what is the point?! When I had asked the management, whats the point of putting it there, they had said 'some people like it there' which then I said 'okay- thats good, but thats not what I had wanted and I had told the colourists that.' Isn't it weird when hairdressers stuff up they try to passively insinuate that its your fault? And even though I felt like I wasted so much money and time *3 hrs in the seat* to have all these processes done, they did suggest they could fix it at that time, but I was just exhausted and went home and cried about it haha! Next day, called up to reschedule, was asked 'do you want a blow dry with that?' and asked if that was complimentary, they said they would charge me $36.00 for on top which is plain stupid! I could comprehend an extra charge if they had taken the effort to get out the colour book, say 'this is what your base will be, this is what the foils will be, this is where were going to put foils' etc but that extra time to ask some questions did not occur. Another thing that did bother me at the time when I asked to reschedule and asked them 'Why didn't they just put the extra foils while they were doing the whole process before? It does waste my time to fix it again, and you're charging me more money on top of that to blow dry which should be complimentary'. The management's response was 'we did not want to compromise the health of your hair, other salons may do that but we don't and it does take up time do blow dry again'. It contradicts the fact that they suggested to bleach my hair.

    Solution- If they had asked more questions to what I wanted, showed me the charts before the process, asked on going questions where I'd like what sections lightened with foils. *Furthermore I didn't like the fact they have the 'no guarantee its going to end up like you wanted' which I do understand, i think i'm annoyed at the fact they messed up the foils and didn't give me a proper consultation, they can't expect clients to know they're hairdressing colour jargon, I did have a good hair stylish previously at my time there who spoke to me and showed me the charts consistently, so maybe its just a review on that particular stylist. I did not like how the management handled it after, instead of trying to show me how I'm wrong and acting defensive, I would have been satisfied with 'we'll fix it' straight away instead of justifications and 'some people like it that way...we'll have to charge extra for a blow dry'. Would you like to pay $260 for a service you weren't satisfied with? For the record, its 2 stars, for them saying they will fix it and add foils (but who knows if they will if one of them see this review?), I did really like them- other clients always look beautiful- but mine was just a bad experience I guess. I'd recommend Bel Coloure near Campbelltown Mall, after this I'm not returning to Strands of Colour. xx
  • I recently had my hair done at Strands Of Colour and as a new client I was pleasantly surprised at the level Of service they had. My hair was done by Peta (who is a girl) for the style and it was incredible how she fixed my haitcut. Marley was my colourist and she is flawless with her colour techniques. I would highly recommend the both of them as I have never felt so confident walking out of a salon. I rate them a 10/10.
  • As far as hairdresser's go, Strands of Colour is above and beyond the best hairdresser I have been to. All the staff are really friendly and are always quick to ask if there is anything you need. They are quality hairdresser's and I would only recommend them if this was the case, I wouldn't trust my hairtcut with anyone else.

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