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  • Nobuko B Newbie   1 review
    Making booking was little fuss through recorded massage. The day of shooting, make up artist, cameraman, Stephen all staff were friendly and fun. Easygoing and efficient. Quality of photo and posing are well satisfied, make you feel like a star. Watching Photoshop tampering cheat is also professional and fast. Good service, I'll come back again with family photo ( after I lose 5kg ). Any request about make up is listened. However better bring own make up kit if you need eyelash curler.
  • nemrak918   5 reviews
    One star for the makeup artist. Nice and simple makeup.
    Another star for not-hard-selling.

    Well, this is not the first time for us to have a family shoot at professional studio. When you have family photo shot with young children, you can consider it as mission impossible. Children run out of patience in 5 mins?!? From our previous experience in other studios, the photographer plays the most important role in how to get a good shot. Not relying on the two-year-old kids to behave themselves. They are just kids, they are not models, they will not pose perfectly for the photographer to take the perfect shot. So a good photographer should CREATE the moment. Obviously, they failed to do so.

    Another thing is there were no props. Not a single toy for the kids. So how can they get the kids in front of the camera? Ok, my children loved playing with the stool. Then why not just take a few photos with the kids playing with it.

    It's a bad idea to show customers the unedited photos. Once you see the unedited photos, you lose interests in them right the way, no matter how gorgeous the final edited photos are. Better spend 10 or 15 mins to pick a few good one and give them a quick edit before showing them to customers. The effect would be so different.

    We spent two hours in the studio, 45 mins for makeup, 30 mins in waiting, 45 mins for our unsuccessful shooting session. Lose-Lose.
  • Romana T Newbie   1 review
    Great service, the staffs professional approach make you right feel at ease. My only regret is not bringing the required 3 outfits (a fault on my behalf). I highly recommend this service and thanks to the great team!
  • Teenage family of 4 Newbie   1 review
    Very professional and fun.

    Had family shots done with 2 Adults and 2 Teenagers. We couldn't have laughed at each other more.

    Makeup was exactly what we wanted. Not over the top and very well done.

    Photo shoot was painless and finally after 11 years have a family photo!

    Picking the photos was easy and Stephen was very helpful.

    Great value and excellent service

    Highly recommend
  • Girl89 Newbie   1 review
    Mariah & I had a photo shoot on Sunday 16th June at the Melbourne site. We had purchased a Scoopon deal.
    Just wanted to take the time to thank the amazing make-up & hair artist, she did a great job and met all expectations. She was also a lovely person to have a chat with!

    The photographer made the shoot enjoyable & fun. And also made us feel welcomed as a same sex couple. We were so happy with our photos & it was hard to choose only a select few.

    For the lovely gentleman at the end who took us through the photos, thank you for helping us make the final selections & tailoring a package to suit us. We were both happy with the cost & the fact that the photos come on a disc so we can print as many copies and sizes as we wish!

    Overall an absolutely amazing company & would/will defiantly recommend to friends and family!
    Were are glad we bought the Scoopon or we would not have found such a wonderful company.

    Thank-you again,
    Mariah & Stephanie
  • SBro Newbie   1 review
    We were very happy with our experience. Only disappointment was we tried very hard early on a Saturday morning to arrive on time for our shoot time of 8am and staff did not start on time. My adult children ( subject of shoot ) and I were thrilled with the images. Everyone was friendly and made us feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Freddofrog65 Newbie   1 review
    What a truly great family experience we had at Studio Olympia's new studio in West Melbourne today. Great fun, professional coordination, high quality make up artist and a magician with a camera. My family portraits look unbelievable (even with my average looking head in them). My 13 year old daughter (Amy) was made to feel like a Star, my 16 year old son (Jack) was allowed to take it "low key" as it wasn't really his thing, my wife (Keryn) looked lovely and I was made presentable (which is no mean feat). Thanks do much to Stephen, Beth & Issa for making this a Special Day for my family, which we will all remember for many years to come due to having it captured so beautifully in digital living colour! Studio Olympia is the best!
  • fverde Newbie   1 review
    It was my second time with Studio Olympia, and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in having solo, couple, and/or family photo's done. The whole experience was very enjoyable, very professional in a friendly environment. Well and truly worth every dollar.
    Thanks to the team on our day, Nathan for being very efficient, lots of fun and extremely proficient, and James for your patience and professionalism.
    We will definitely be back!
    Thanks & regards
    Frank Verde
  • johnnyyork Newbie   1 review
    Hey Guys at Studio Olympia.
    Thank you! Wife & I loved the photos. Great team of people. Total value for money. Cheers J&Y
  • sotoyz Newbie   1 review
    The staff are great and very friendly.The make up is nice. The result are amazing for me.

    We assume we could got a disc to keep but end up we have to pay a pricey price for it (though they tried to offer us some discount).

    I love the pics and the overall experiences. But I end up only had 1 pic to keep which disappointment me a lot at that time. I wish I could keep few more.

    So basically, I end up with mix feeling.
    • Macleay73 Newbie 
      Hi, thank you for your feedback.
      Glad you had a good time at the studio and loved the photos.
      Please have a look at your voucher as it is very clear what you will receive.
      Many thanks Studio Olympia


    • nbc951 Newbie 
      HI, does anyone know what is the price to actually get the photos? I was looking at one of the coupons myself and since it looks like a lot of the customers are happy with the final product I would like to know what price can I expect to pay to keep them. (couldnt find the info on the website) Thanks!!


  • lakenw1977 Newbie   1 review
    The staff at Olympia were very helpful and friendly. Their service was professional and also personalized to my needs. I would definitely consider coming here again.
  • stephenbalmoral Newbie   1 review
    Thanks for yesterday it was a great experience. Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and kind. The photos are great and we are looking forward to getting some printed and hanging on the wall!

    Kind regards
    Bev Alfred

    PS have fun at the rugby, maybe see you there!
  • jesspullman Newbie   1 review
    Hi all at Studio Olympia,
    Thank you for a great morning. Hair & make up was great. Thank you Nick.
    The photographer was wonderful. Didn't know what to expect on a voucher deal. But the outcome was great. Highly recommend. Great price. Many thanks Jess.
  • RSSC Newbie   1 review
    If you buy a voucher, you can obviously expect to be convinced into buying a suite of photos for $600+ (on top of the cost of the voucher and supposed $200 you receive off your photos).

    Because there is such a high volume of vouchers sold.. you are basically rushed through hair and makeup because bookings are back-to-back. Whilst makeup was done very well, little was done with hair. In fact, there weren't any chocolates or champagne either to lighten the mood.

    The photographer didn't really stage the photos very well and some angles were definitely questionable. Not very personable and didn't really instruct their amateur subjects on how to pose. The result? Lots of awkward photographs to choose from.

    The process of culling down the photos .. it is designed to get you involved in the decision making so you feel you've gone through alot of effort to select the "very best" from the photos. Finally you are faced with the final decision of a ludicrous $190 (before GST?!) digital copy of the photo price tag or the $600+ package.

    Oh alongside the choices and bubbles you can also forget about the print.. (because they threw in all those extra photos, of course). If you love the pictures, go for it. But knowing the process and being prepared of what's to come may lead to more satisfying decision making and save you $$$ when all you needed was one good portrait or family photo.
  • jimmy1980ny Newbie   1 review
    My son had a photoshoot on Sunday. What a fabulous group of people at the Melbourne office! The photographer was extremely patient with him and all the staff were so friendly & helpful. I have already recommended Studio Olympia to my friends & will continue to do so.
    Thanks again for a great experience
  • dn_nlv Newbie   1 review
    The photos were ok but they didn't deliver what was described on the scoopon voucher. We were never offered 'Bubbly on arrival' nor chocolates!!!! The only chocolates we saw was a few Cadbury chocolates on a plate during photo viewing. ... they gave us a few black and white photos for 'free' instead of one free print as mentioned on the voucher but seriously we could have done that ourselves!!! The photos are definitely not of a $199 each quality either.
    • Macleay73 Newbie 
      Hi there, thank you for your feedback.

      We would like to address your concerns; please contact us on 1300 766 442.

      Kind Regards,

      Stephen Laing
      Studio Olympia


    • Kris Water Newbie 
      Wish I saw this earlier!!!

      9 months ago - 31/05/2014

  • FID   2 reviews
    I ended up buying a heap of pics and having them slightly touched up. Well I could not use any of the touched up photos (face was golden and looked ten years younger, but arms still my freckley and normal looking skin - looked ridiculous). They posted me the untouched photos with no offer of refund or redoing. Photos okay but not amazing. Back drop too white and overexposed. Have asked for receipt (for tax purposes) and still not delivered. Would not go for a living social deal again. (Make up artist was amazing though!!)
    • Macleay73 Newbie 
      Hi there,

      We would very much like to speak to you to resolve your concerns; quality control is very important to us and I'm sure we can correct this issue.

      Please call us on 1300 768 442

      Kind regards,

      Stephen Laing
      Studio Olympia


  • alex6newell Newbie   1 review
    Loved it!! Best day ever. Would recommend you guys to anyone. Great deals, really flexible and wanted to please us. Quality of photos amazing. Amelio great photographer had fun with him, made our first photo shoot a breeze. Will come back for sure.
    Thanks for a great day can't wait to play with out photos
  • jenny nelly Newbie   1 review
    Great service, friendly friendly friendly staff. make up looked great, hair was styled beautifully!! Photographs were amazing and looked glamourou !!!!! I would definitely tell anyone to go there. Everything was perfect!!!!
  • Jeni Chan Newbie   1 review
    I rang numerous time to complain about the quality and they always makes excuses and that they will ring back but never did.
    • Macleay73 Newbie 
      Hi Jeni,
      If you would like to send us an email.
      As your username is not on file with us.
      Many thanks
      Studio Olympia




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