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6 months AGO

Worst experience with staff, long waiting on phone, online booking does not show destro. Rude staff. Never book u again

OVER a year AGO

Horrible service. Wouldn't recommend anyone to book with them. Time is unpredictable! No matter how early you book it they will still arrive at least 30mins late. Also when u call to ask where your taxi is the staff on the phone are so rude! Would never b

Madi Conwa
OVER 2 years AGO

Booked a taxi hours in advance on a Friday at 12 to get me at 2.10. It didn't show up for 45 minutes and made me late for work. I rang them three times and each time said they were still finding one but it shouldn't be much longer. After 45 minutes i had to resort to asking a friend to get me. Very unprofessional.

OVER 2 years AGO

Very disappointing. I booked a cab for 4:30am the night before for a trip to the airport. 10 minutes late and nothing. Called Suburban Taxis and was told that the dispatched driver was "for some reason 100 miles away". Was told I'd get a replacement driver. Ended up being 20 minutes late total. Disappointing that a booking made the night before still managed to be late!

OVER 2 years AGO

Terrible. Booked a cab. 15mins after requested time got SMS saying 900m away. Go outside in the freezing cold. Cab never arrives. Reply to SMS asking where cab is. Get reply saying to phone. Cannot get through. Hopeless. Never saw cab. Only giving half star because it is required.

OVER 4 years AGO

The worst service ever. Hostile and clueless staff, dirty vehicle and to top it all off, a LONG wait. I'll never use them again. Avoid at all costs.

OVER 4 years AGO

Being on crutches after a sporting accident on the weekend I needed a taxi to take me to the doctor's clinic, I rang and ordered the cab nearly one hour early, I waited over 20minutes and no taxi. I rang again to be told it had gone to number 4 instead of number 14 - which wasn't true as the street is one way and I was waiting out the front! So was promised another taxi - more

OVER 4 years AGO

Had a great experience with Suburban Taxis today using the iphone app! Got to watch the car enroute to pick me up and had a lovely driver!

OVER 4 years AGO

Booking 1.5 hours in advance I had to wait for 30 minutes after the scheduled pick up time despite following up to see where they were. Rough ride as the car was also in major need of a service. I will be avoiding them in future.

OVER 5 years AGO

If you can avoid using this company, I strongly suggest you do. I booked at taxi (at 2pm) for a 4pm pick up. I was going to a wedding and wanted to be early just in case. The cab didn't show at 4pm so I called to re-confirm the booking. The operator kept me on hold for roughly 4 minutes (which is costly on a mobile phone). The operator FINALLY picked up and said more


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