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Reviews of Sugarcane Restaurant

  • Lovely place - lots of food options and staff with the most polite attitude you will ever meet. The atmosphere is excellent and I am definitely going back with more people.
  • I love this place, great place to dine with the family or with your partner.
    food is fresh, the deco is amazing and the ambience is right.
    Top service from the staff.
  • Good food, moderately expensive, fair service in light of us wanting to get out. Lunchtime seems a bit quiet. Maybe it's better for dinner.
  • Cee Zee Foodie 278 reviews
    Given the number of Asian eateries offering modern interpretations of Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian classics, this place doesn't stand out a place to go. While the food is decent, I agree with simonc22, its not overwhelming. We went here for a group lunch but there was no one else in here. Not sure if this has something to do where its located but it just felt like there was no ambiance. also given that there was no one else in there, the service could be better. If you are looking for a place that's easy to get a table and you want decent inexpensive food then head here but be warned there isn't much ambience.
  • I came here for lunch with work colleagues and really appreciated the decor. Service-wise they were very attentive and friendly. The food was okay, nothing wowed me incredibly but i enjoyed it. Highlight was probably the crispy pork hock.
  • simonc22 Foodie 137 reviews
    Nice food, but not overwhelming. We were the only table at lunch in a small room, so perhaps the ambience is better at dinner. The lunch prices aren't expensive.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    I stumbled across this little place walking past months ago and I've always wanted to try it. Asian cuisine infused with Malaysian/Thai. Fairly priced at around $15 per plate, plenty to choose from, they had no chicken wings though - insert sad face.
    Service was quick, but we were the only table in the place, which is shame as I think it would have a nicer feeling if at least half the restaurant was full.
  • ShaeShae Local Star 102 reviews
    When I walked in today for lunch, I really wanted this to be a 'very good' experience but it was just good. I think because we came at lunch time mid-week, we missed out on the ambience that might be there on a week night or weekend.
    The service was nothing to complain about and the prices were reasonable (probably feel that way as it was on the work account though!)
    We had a few starters followed by shared curries, noodles and other dishes (the pork was pretty good) which were all very tasty.
    I'd like to try it out again, after work and with a bottle of wine - just to see if the experience is a little more heightened.
  • We went here for a post work Friday night dinner - the food was excellent and couldn't fault the service. Definitely a place to return to.
  • The food was great - very tasty - and we had almost too much with 2 entrees and 5 mains between 5 of us. The standout was the crispy pork hock and green mango. However the service was spotty and inattentive and the place was very loud. Definitely not a place for a date.

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