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Fairfield, NSW
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Reviews of Sundown Landscape Supplies

  • Hi we are happy with them they are cooperative n very punctual we ordered the material on 24/1/2015 at 12pm n they delivered the material on time n same day at 3pm & one good thing their prices are very low as compare to others good service n good work
  • I purchased bags of blue metal and bulk sand/soil (turf underlay) recently from Sundown. The staff were helpful. The products were of excellent quality. Delivery was on time and well executed by the driver. Although I think the price given to me by the staff in the yard may have been wrong as it ended up costing a bit more, the price was still reasonable and only slightly more than other places in the area, and it was worth a little extra for a fuss-free experience, so I won't bother shopping around beforehand next time.
  • Having read some the reviews I want to post something positive as our experience has been the opposite. Firstly, we have been dealing with Sundown for over 20 years starting when we lived in Fairfield and continuing as we have been landscaping our new property in Epping. We like dealing with Sundown for a number of reasons:
    1. Overall their prices are the most competitive in Sydney that we have found and we have been to most nurseries between Canley Vale and Dural. Only Cumberland Forest beats Sundown on Australian natives some of the time. All the nurseries around Epping charge a premium for landscaping materials. In one case, a nursery and landscape material supplier located north of Normanhurst, had similar prices according to my neighbour but short changed on quantity.
    2. We trust that they will provide the volume ordered without short changing
    3. All the drivers that we have encountered provide real confidence as they reverse into our back yard with 300mm of the fence and the house. (We tried another landscape company of advice from our neighbour and the driver struggled as he went in nose first instead on the 'no brainer' reversing into the yard!)
    4. We have bought many dozens of fruit trees and plants. All except one failed to sprout. Sundown exchanged the tree without asking if we are regular customers or anything
    5. Handling of mistakes in deliveries. In 20 years of deliveries we have only experienced one mistake. In that instance 10 bags or so of Gypsum never made it on the truck. The driver was exptremely apologetic. Despite telling Sundown that there is no rush to get the gypsum, Sundown had delivered the gypsum withing 3 or so hours. That is service.

  • Had a Sundown nursery truck in front of me on the Old Northern Road today. We were going in the same direction and I had a good 30 minutes to observe this lunacy. The driver was eating and chatting along on his cell phone whilst driving. The amount of close-to encounterns terrifying. On top of that the driver was doing at least 75 on a 60 road from time to time and at the intersection Windsor Rd coming on to Cumberland Highway, the stupid thing overtook a whole heap of merging cars in a "no drive" zone. The guy should have lost his license on several occasions and most annoying he put innocent people's life at risk.
    As far as Sundown Nursery this really throws badwill on the company. No way I spend money on a company who has that little respect for people and its environment.
    Potential customers, don't waste your money. Go spend it elsewhere.
    • hello johnny, its funny that sundown landscape supplies does not have any trucks labelled with "sundown nursery" so if you do not mind keep your trash stories to your self, obviously you are from a competing business
  • This is the worst in customer service if they know what service is!! they mixed up my order from one to another and told me to use a wheelbarrow and transfer it across ( 1 order was in Canley Heights and the other in Greenfield Park). None of them ever once apologize to me and keep on promise to sort things out by tomorrow..and tomorrow never come.

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