Sunfresh Linen

Dry Cleaning & Laundry
Darra, QLD
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Reviews of Sunfresh Linen

  • Sunfresh Linen offers commercial laundry services and linen hire to businesses, hotels and restaurants. It offers specialised advice and review of linen operations and costs.

    Sunfresh Linen prides itself with a longer that 10-year experience that speaks for them. They provide green solutions to restaurants, hotels and other types of businesses.

    A wide range of customers appreciates their tablecloths, bed linen, uniforms and apparels and their hotel and restaurant linen.

    Sunfresh Linen supplies products such as: towels, sheets, uniforms, cleaning rags, coloured or white table linen, welcome mats and kitchen linen among others. All the washing procedures are aligned with Australian standards and they're partners with ecoBiz since 2006.