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Reviews of Sunset Pizza Cafe

  • ordered for the first time from this restaurant( delivery) .We ordered two chicken wraps a kafta wrap pasta with fetticcini(we recieved penne) but the taste was ok , chips were ok, and garlic bread was also off a supermarket shelf but cooked well. My complaint is the wraps which were filled mostly with lettuce ,chunks of raw onion thick slices of tomato and a measly supermaket skewer of chicken the kafta was as bad (a very thin sausage)and the sauce was non existent. I rang to complain as no one would eat them and that was our dinner! the staff understood and said that this is not there specialty however for these three raps i spent $22 & had 1 3/4 of the rolls left due to them being tasteless, so staff offered to replace the rolls and add more meat but once was enough for me so i asked for a pizza (as staff said this was there specialty). I was pleased with that,but when the pizza arrived i gave the delivery driver the 1 uneaten and approx 3/4 altogeathr left from the eaten 2 and said sorry but they were terrible the reply was very rude as driver stormed off. will not go back and do not recommend waste of $40.50 & my family are still hungry. dissapointed, driver lacks customer skills.
  • Great food excellent service .. Must try it :)

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