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Surry Hills Veterinary Hospital

Redfern, NSW
Open today - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Reviews of Surry Hills Veterinary Hospital

  • Reception staff wonderful - very friendly and helpful.

    The price for consultation etc seemed reasonable to me.

    The vet however was not friendly. I don't know how many vets are on staff at this clinic but the vet I saw was Richard McBurnie. I couldn't tell if he was just having a bad day or didn't like the colour of my skin or whether he is always this surly. Our first visit to this clinic for routine health check and I was expecting him to ask about my pet's medical history, diet etc but nope. I would ask questions and then he answered them. The answers were detailed and informative. But he never asked me any questions except for at the start "are there any problems?" and at the end of the rather quick 5 minute exam - "so do you have any more questions?". During the exam he didn't explain what he was doing or comment on the pets health other than "he looks fine". I left feeling rather disappointed.
  • I have been coming to this vet since my 12 year old dog was a new puppy. They are great no matter which vet is on and I recommend them highly. They are always very friendly and follow up which is nice.
  • I used to take my old dog here to a Dr who was very informative and a good vet for years. I haven't been here for a few years, until recently when I took my newly adopted dog.

    We saw the same Dr again as I believed this doctor was one of the best vets I had met. However this last visit left me feeling very disappointed and ripped off. The reason for the visit was a general health check and the yearly vaccinations.

    The only thing the vet said about the health of my dog was that he would need his teeth cleaned at a later time, that was it. Then while the doctor was trying to stuff some liquid up the hose of my dog the doctor told me the medication was for kennel cough. Even though I told the vet prior that the dog was adopted from a family and didn't come from a shelter. Plus, I've fostered dogs with kennel cough before and I know it's not a serious issue and will go on its own. I felt like I got ripped off by being charged for that medication and not asking me if I wanted it prior.

    The staff at the reception was lovely though.

    But I won't be going back.
    • kennel cough is a serious issue and doesn't just go away by itself. There is a reason you vaccinate against it. You clearly know the bare minimum about the veterinary industry
  • I have been to the Surry Hills vets now on several occasions and I find the staff there to be always extremely caring, attentive and very knowledgeable. I wont be going anywhere else for treatment for my 2 cats
  • Great vet hospital! I brought my cat here after he had a bad reaction to his annual vaccinations - it was a Sunday morning and everyone else (including the vet that gave him the initial vaccinations) was closed. The people at the Surry Hills Vet Hospital were very friendly and accommodating even though we didn't have an appointment. In the end all he needed was a shot of antibiotics, but the vet was very patient and caring - he took his time to look him over, explain things to us and answer our questions. Very friendly and reasonably priced compared to others in the area as well. Will be our normal vet from now on.
  • I was told by another vet that I need to get my cat's teeth cleaned which was way over my budget. I went to Surry Hills vet and in 20 minutes the vet scraped the tartar build up, gave my cat antibiotics and hills prescription diet for less than half of what I was quoted. It's been 2 weeks and my cat's gum is looking my better and his breath certainly doesn't smell anymore. Thank you guys so much.
  • We have been taking our cat here for Years for check ups and boarding. Even though we had moved to different locations over the years we kept coming back. Other vets I found were not as thorough with treatment and advice. I highly recommend this vet for your pets. The prices are also competitive.
  • my dog was very sick i took her 2this place iv been before,but this time i couldnt get over how many plp were complaining about there cost & lack care.so i took my pet by train 2yagoona rspca there cheap & care. Yourtruelly & honestly
    Steven Pates
    • We take great pride in our quality care at Surry hills veterinary Hospital and its prices are kept to a minimum;
      We have a lot of clients coming to us from other clinics as their quoted prices are often a lot higher.
      Mr Pates has left negative feedback as we couldnā??t offer him an account to pay off and the RSPCA can offer a payment plan
  • Fantastic service, from the receptionist to the vet who helped my beloved cat with an eye infection. Very friendly and professional. Thanks, will be recommending you to everyone I know.
  • This vet is the best vet in the whole of Sydney as he cares very much for the animals that are brought into his clinc.He does what ever he can to get sick animals back on there feet.
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