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  • atan7 Local Star   1,005 reviews
    The service was a bit slow today but the food was delicious. The shop is small but there is actually another level upstairs for jaegers groups if note private dining areas.
  • atan7 Local Star   1,005 reviews
    Love the simple restaurant that serves delicious japanese cuisine.
    Lots of people are here but there are lots of seats outside. The food is fresh and service is quick.
  • Scott Allardyce   11 reviews
    Ive been here a few times before with no problems, but the last two times the service has been slow and the food has been short of quality. The wait staff did tell me there was a delay in the kitchen, but having to wait 40 mins for your lunch can be quite tedious! So I'm giving this place 3 stars for mixed experiences.

    5 months ago - 20/10/2014

  • atan7 Local Star   1,005 reviews
    Located in a little lane way next to the station is a little japanese food hub. Here you will find a branch of the Japanese restaurant sushi-ya, which also has a store in Chatswood. Unlike the other store however, the artarmon branch has lots more seating, indoors and outdoors, and a larger menu with more hot food items such as okonomiyaki. The food is delicious and the sushi is fresh. The service is quick and the staff are friendly, many don't have a great command of English but they are very polite and patient.
    My favourite was the seared salmon sashimi, some about a blow torch that makes food tasted that extra bit special...
  • Easternian Local Star   803 reviews
    If you visit Sushi-ya for the first time, you might be puzzled at why there are two Sushi Ya restaurants one next to the other. Fret not; they are both the same restaurant, each offering different dining atmosphere. While one has the old-school suburbian vibe with garden-atmosphere outdoor seatings, the other one has this modern layout with elegant yet intimate setting.

    Upon our visit last week, we ordered several individual dishes. At first, the price does feel a little more expensive than other comparable restaurants. However, we later figured out that it was complemented with generous serving sizes. The food is of adequate quality and taste, with my dish (that was smoked eel with rice) proving to be one of the best in the menu.

    The staffs are friendly, although they seem to be out of sight most of the time. The renovated restroom is very clean and modern and deserves this place another plus point.
  • atan7 Local Star   1,005 reviews
    I am a regular at the Sushiyah in Chatswood but this hidden gem seems to be not as busy, yet it maintains the same standard of food and the same menu!
    Nestled next to the Artarmon station is a little plaza filled with restaurants including this one! There are lots of outdoor seats, but it can get chilly in winter, so try a book an inside table if possible. The sashimi is a generous portion and tastes delicious, the calamaris with ponzu sauce is a personal favourite and it's hard to go past the sushi rolls. Overall, I'd highly recommend this place for reasonable prices and great Japanese food!
  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   346 reviews
    I visited Sushi-Ya in Artarmon for the first time after having been to Sushi-Ya in Chatswood for years. In fact, we only discovered the Artarmon place when we arrived at the Chatswood restaurant and found that a friend had made a booking at the "wrong" restaurant. It wasn't a big deal, the restaurants are a short drive apart.

    Sushi-Ya in Artarmon is a lot smaller, with most of its seating outdoors. Some outdoor seating is covered by plastic shades, but on a cold night I'd imagine it would be chilly. We were seated indoors but as the door was open, it was pretty cold and we needed to keep our winter coats on.

    The food is just as good, but the menu felt smaller. (I'm not too sure as I didn't do the ordering.) The restaurant is small and cosy but a little run-down. It's still great for a casual meal out, and I'd definitely revisit.
  • Fiona220   2 reviews
    Amazing, quick and friendly service. Food was great! Thanks
  • Cath Chen Foodie   111 reviews
    A great, small little gem in the clamour of Artarmon, and funnily enough, situated right beside the station (yet you don't hear a thing!). The service is quick and efficient, the service is friendly and knowledgeable.
    Went recently and a change which I love is instead of serving their green tea in glazed terracotta cylindrical mugs like most Japanese restaurants (with no handles - it gets too hot to pick up!), they now have mugs with handles! It really helps you to appreciate their delicious green tea while hot.
    Me and my family are regulars here, and two dishes we always get are the soft shell crab spider roll (I love the addition of the sweet chilli sauce!) and the Salmon Lover's Roll, with generous slices of sashimi and avocado. The teriyaki chicken is sweet and accompanied with sesame seeds, and the mashed potato salad that comes with many of the sushi dishes is a lovely surprise. Their rice is spot-on.

    Value is all right. It's not particularly cheap, but won't empty the wallet either. Lunch was $55 between the three of us, and we still had about five massive pieces of sushi to take home with us, which they helpfully put in a takeaway box for us (which I think was complementary).

    Definitely a must try :)
  • Belinda.H Foodie   114 reviews
    Who knew this little plaza existed? Okay maybe the people that use Artarmon railway station every day.

    I had dinner with girlfriends here last night and I really enjoyed it. A really casual friendly environment. Nice service, albeit a little slow which is what cost them the star. That said, the waitress, conscious of a small language barrier confirmed our order a couple of times, which I appreciated. Also, given it's location close to Artarmon station, parking can be a bit tricky but not impossible, so factor that into your travel time.

    The food was wonderfully tasty and great value the bill for three of us came to $70 in total and we all walked out full.

    I'd definitely recommend this place for a cheap, healthy, casual catch up dinner with friends. I'll certainly be back.


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