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Reviews of Suttons Subaru Rosebery

  • Hope the quality of service I recieved is not reflective of the Subaru brand or the dealership.

    After picking up my partner's car that was serviced couple of days ago, we noticed the complimentary cleaning didn't happen and after returning home noticed the service booklet wasn't stamped. Not the end of the world, so I returned to the showroom to get the service logbook stamped.

    At the service desk I was greeted by a rather cold faced receptionist (or maybe it was the Botox) who asked me to take a seat upon telling her the purpose of my visit. After a few minutes of waiting for something that the dealership should have apologised and ensured prompt action for, I had to return to the service receptionist the second time and asked if she had informed anyone yet. At this point she refused to acknowledge or answer me but simply turn to a service personnel to her left and uttering the words 'he needs the service book stamped' and simply got back to doing whatever she was doing. There was not much left to do but to get the book stamped and get out of there.

    Maybe I have just had a massive whinge about nothing or maybe it's just that I am used the service I get when I take my car to BMW. Either way hope the review helps.
  • Have just bought the most excellent car I've ever had. Couldn't of got a better deal if Hamid just gave me the car for nothing. Hamid bent to all my needs without a second glance. Mark had a lot to do with it as well. Very courteous & never felt pressured into anything.
    A big thanks to Sonny who helped me with the finance & insurance couldn't of done it without you. The whole team at Sutton Subaru Rosebery made you feel very welcome right from when you first step through the doors. Thank you all.
  • I had excellent sales experience at Suttons Rosebery. The sales person, Solyman Dalati really cared, and I did not feel pressured. He helped all the way through the process, from first test drive to car pickup. Thankyou.
  • If you love Subaru's, then Subaru Rosebery is the place for you. They are enthusiasts that love the motor cars and they told me they have topped all the Subaru dealers when it comes to service quality and i can testify that is true for my case.
  • I came back from test driving a new model Forester, knowing that I wouldn't buy that day, though I didn't tell the sales man this. Little did I know, that while valuing the car, the sales man had gotten a colleague to drive my trade-in through the car wash and vacuum it while were out test driving the Forester. In fact, he didn't even mention it, and it took me a split second to realise that he had done this as I was driving out of the car park.

    It was a given, that two months ago, my wife and I purchased a brand new Forester. A big recommendation for Geoff and David (manager). Subaru was definitely the most friendly place to buy a car I've ever dealt with.
  • Very disappointed.

    Went to the dealer today. Very genuine and keen on Subaru Impreza R. Brought family members to get the overall experience and served by Professional sales person.

    I was asked about the price and whether if expecting any discount. Told the sales person that based on my research on the forum, there could be around $1k discount.

    Then I requested for test drive, the answer was very shocking! He cannot allow test-drive session since I cannot afford/agree on his price.

    Don't judge people's financial position if you are just working as car sales person.

    Any professional sales person would have the common sense that potential buyers would have prepared and understand whether the RRP is within the budget.

    To add to the insult, is he checked with his manager and came back saying that the DEMO car could be on sale and will call-back around 1 hour to arrange for test drive.

    No wonder the staff culture is so bad in that dealer since it is driven from the management.

    Tips: You might as well say that the Demo vehicle is fully book today. Gosh!

    After all, it was not a pleasant experience..and rest assured this will promote "good" word of mouth!


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