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Reviews of Sweet Belem Cake Boutique And Cafe

  • chopsticks Local Star 190 reviews
    Reviews have indicated Sweet Belem has the 'best Portugese tarts in Sydney' - prompting a mission-oriented trip to Sydney's Little Portugal (Petersham) for the sole purpose of tasting these tarts.

    The Sweet Belem Portugese tarts, at $3.50 each, met the high expectations - both the crispy pastry with the perfect 'crunch' when bitten into and the custard filling with the right amount of sweetness and hint of cinnamon. There are also a wide range of enticing cakes and pastries on offer ... definitely will be returning to try them out.

    Sweet Belem is highly recommended for its Portugese tarts and definitely worth the travel!
  • Delightful cakes this place is a treasure.
  • cakes are great, coffee is a bit weak for my liking. Two
    magazines in the rack were three years old and all of them were gosip / fashion. Not the place for a bloke to unwind by himself over a coffee.
  • Great pastries but the coffee is not to my taste.
  • OMG yum, nothing is as good as their egg tarts, warm from the oven
  • binno 12 reviews
    The quality of the pastries in this shop is excellent, apparently they have the best portuguese tarts in Sydney! I am no expert but they are very tasty. Do not be in a rush when you go as the service tends to be slow.
  • Fantastic Cakes, Fantastic Coffee, Great Service and very friendly.

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