Sydney Airport


Mascot, NSW
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Reviews of Sydney Airport

  • atan7 Local Star 1,174 reviews
    Currently under heavy construction there is lots of the airport that is covered up and not easily accessible.

  • atan7 Local Star 1,174 reviews
    Pro tip: if you have a 6am flight sim to only get to the airport at 3:30. Customs doesn't open till 4am.
  • It must be just me, but I love coming to the airport. It's modern, fairly clean and all the duty free shops around make it fun for all!
  • Expensive parking yes, and the duty free shops can be quite hectic, but I love the airport with its hugeness and exciting atmosphere!
  • As with most airports nowadays, they have become a glorified shopping mall, though you'll find no bargains in theses shops. I hate the way you have to weave your way past duty free shelves on your way to the gate, and most of the duty free wine is cheaper at Dan Murphys', don't get me started on the hugely expensive car parking.
  • a beautiful well designed airport.
    many options for shopping and eating.
  • Amanda Cassar Local Star 1,141 reviews
    Australia's biggest domestic terminal, super busy but well laid out. Departures top level, arrivals middle and baggage claim, taxis, busses, hire card lowest level. Pretty smooth sailing when heading through for business or pleasure. Lots of dining, drinking & shopping options too.
  • SocialQ Local Star 196 reviews
    Massive airport. Functional, well signed inside and out, clean and tidy everywhere from entry doors to restroom facilities. Well done!
    Very cramped, congested feeling outside but that's the Queenslander coming out in me I guess.
  • all good - but traffic around the airport can be chaotic, hence brisbane gets the G20