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Blakehurst, NSW
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Reviews of Sydney Appliance Service

  • Thank you very much for your help and reliability.
    very efficient and showed up on time. The girls on the phone were amazing.
    Thank Sydney Appliance service.
  • I used Sydney Appliance Service a few weeks back, I have to say its the best service i have received by any tradesmen, my air conditioner was on the blink and the gentlemen showed up were neat and very polite did a great job and fixed and double checked everything. extremely happy. The customer service was fantastic and the job was done precisely.
  • This company is the dedicated service repair service for my new Samsung appliance. I booked a service call and they gave me a four hour window of time today in which a service person was supposed to arrive. Because I really needed to get this fixed, I took an unpaid day of leave off work so that I would be at home during this time... I waited the whole day and no service person arrived. Nor did I receive any courtesy phonecall to advise that the repair person was running late. I called twice, the first time to be told that the staff was half an hour away, and then (an hour later) to be told that I would need to rebook for another day next week. I'm extremely unhappy with the customer service I received.
  • What a poor excuse for a sevice company!!!! I own a Hisense fridge and unfortunately the service contract for the repairs under warranty is Sydney Applicance Service - I had them come out to fix a water leak and I was told to defrost the fridge for 48 hours and that would fix the problem - wrong!!! So they came out again and said that a part needed to be replaced and that they would be out on the 27/12/12 so to defrost the fridge again 48 hours prior so I threw out all my Xmas food and defrosted the fridge - guess what they still haven't arrived!!! I called them late on the 27/12/12 to ask where they were and was told they didn't have the part - when I asked why they had booked me in and naturally I was very upset I was hung up on!!!! Unfortunately I don't have a choice as my fridge is under warranty but if you do have a choice do not at any cost use this horribly unprofessional company!!!!
  • What a disgusting lack of service we received. We had the issue of a broken Microwave, we rang Samsung who referred us to Sydney Appliance Service at Blakehurst. We rang the store to be told that quotes couldn't be given over the phone and we would have to bring the microwave in so we could obtain a quote. We did so (a 40minute drive mind you) to be told that they would not look at it or provide us with a quote unless we left the item with them and paid $30 for the privilege. Now I understand paying for a quote but why this wasn't mentioned over the phone. Now when the problem is a well documented problem by Samsung and when another company Samsung referred us to after gave an approximate quote over the phone, after being spoken to like we were I am absolutely disgusted. Stay away at all costs.

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