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Sydney Blinds and Screens designs, manufacturers and retails the widest range of security doors, blinds, shutters and awnings made to fit the style and design of every house. We provide exceptional quality that?s affordable and made to enhance the security of your home while redecorating it in style. A range of products are available to accommodate the different interiors and styles of different homes as well as safety doors including grills, fly screens and security products. A range of internal and external blinds are also available. Call 9636 1555 for more information. 

We are open on Thursday after 5:00pm. However, visits are available via appointment only.
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Reviews of Sydney Blinds & Screens

  • GibsonKatie 0 review
    The moment I stepped inside Sydney Blinds and Screen showroom, I immediately thought how nice and organized their showroom was. Staff were friendly and accommodating. There was no pressure from the staff who seemed to understand all my needs. And here comes the best part Aside from the quality products Sydney Blinds have, their service was great and on time! Im quite impressed.
  • To cut a long story short. I've been waiting over 5 months (since 30th July 2015) for one fly screen door. I paid a 50% deposit on ordering. Following a number of phone calls to the company about a delivery time I went to the dept of fair trading and they contacted [name removed] the Mangy Director (who lied to the dept of fair trading stating they would do an "Emergency Installation" on the Sunday 20th December, as if they had any intention of such action) but it at least prompted some movement on 23rd December 2015. Unfortunately the door they sent was too big and the powder coating was peeling off it and they damaged/cracked the render on my newly painted house while [name removed] the installer tried to whack it into place with a mallet even though I had told him the paint on the door was not acceptable, (further damaging the poorly painted finish of the door also) and just took the door away again. I emailed photos of the damage as requested to [name removed] but alas no response was given over the following 2 weeks as usual. When I called on the 7th January 2016 they said they will put me back in the production queue, they think another 5 months wait is quite reasonable!?.

    So, I asked for a full refund and repair of the damage done to my house by the installer and again they started becoming evasive. Alas, excuses again from [name removed], so again I bid farewell politely as I could muster and immediately called Dept of Fair Trading I again. The Dept of Fair Trading said they will help sort it out but as of the 20th January 2016 nothing is resolved or repaired or time frame given for a refund. No one ever returns a call.

    I really don't see how they stay in business, all they seem to be able to fabricate is lies and excuses, it must be exhausting. You would think they would just do the job requested as that's easier than fobbing off so many unhappy customers?

    Alsafe Security or SydneyBlinds their alter ego are basically dishonest, disorganised, disappointing, disreputable and generally disagreeable. Don't waste your dineros on these drongos.

    Really the worst experience I've ever had with any company. Do yourself a favour, save yourself the stress and aggravation and stay well clear of these clowns.

    Very disappointing.

    Can you imagine trying to claim a warranty?
  • Extremely and highly advised to stay away from Sydney Blinds and Screens. This company is known for inferior product, worst customer service and overprice, Worst of all--Billing their customer twice (after two years) for same job with the hope that clients will lose their invoice, so that they can charge their clients twice for same job. Worst company located in Sydney. To be boycotted by all.
  • Service was disgraceful! Products were recieved later than double the estimated delivery time and we were shown no courtesy to advise us of the delays. Then when products were finally recieved, part of the order was fitted incorrectly so we were forced to wait a further 6 weeks to get the issue rectified. I recommend that customers avoid this company at all costs!!
  • Recommended by my building caretaker. Nothing went smoothly or to schedule. Instead of all being done before we moved in it dragged on for weeks. Then when the screens arrived the mesh in one of the doors was so loose it hit the glass sliding door. This one was returned to the factory and took longer than promised. Rather than be without screens we have decided to put up with the other screens and screen door. The installer also damaged the paintwork around two windows where they installed screens. Fortunately they had to return with the faulty screen door and got to see the damage. They accepted responsibility without too much difficulty, but didn't want to pay for the original painter to repair. The company refused to accept any responsibility. Their argument was the installer is a contractor not an employee. Had to battle with the company, my contract was with them, to eventually get them to become involved. Took weeks and numerous calls and emails before they finally paid. Annoying part was if they had installed on time the work would have been done before we painted.
  • *********DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY BE WARNED*********We spend over $2000.00 on security door and screens and was told there was a 3yrs warranty. the lock on our front too is no longer working so i called them this morning olny to be told that is was not covered underwarranty and was 3 mths outside the warranty and it would cost $60 call out fee & $45 ph after that. i dont appreciate being lied to with regards to the warranty period and the fact it was 3 mths oustide the warranty they would not waive the fee. Happy to take the money but after sales care is so poor. i would never recommend them to anyone. its a shame i couldnt give a negitative rating as i so would
  • If you're thinking about using these people, think again!
    This company has a very poor structure.
    I actually don't know how they stay in business.
    They just cannot get it right.
    I waited 3 months from the day I paid my deposit to the day of instalk when the original quote said 3-4 weeks!!
    The job is still not complete, as the wrong parts were ordered for fitting my security screens.
    Four different people came to my place for each task;
    A sales person to quote the job, two other staff to do a check measure
    (Only after it got to 10 weeks and I was starting to get irate and was chasing them up on the phone) and then finally a sub-contractor who was stuck trying to do a job when the wrong parts were supplied.
    The job is still not complete months later and I have now paid in full.
    I advise any one to give Sydney Blinds and Screens a miss.
    In honesty, the Invisigard product is great, but find another reputable dealer because these people are hopeless. Their carefactor for getting the job done as promised or at least keeping the customer informed, is none.
    Look elsewhere... Why set yourself up for disappointment?
  • NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are without a doubt the worse company I have ever dealt with. There customer service is completely non-existent. They are rude and could not care. They have clearly gone out of there way to hire people with no ethics or emotions. We have waited 3 months for our blinds. They do not even bother to call you to tell you they cant supply even though they knew this when the order was placed. When they did finally turn up they'd missed blinds and supplied incorrect sizes. They know they can not repeatedly fill their orders and still take the orders, they don't bother to let you know this and when you call they are uncaring and say what do you want me to do about it. They will give you dates and then ring the afternoon before (after you've taken your 3rd day off work for it) and say they cant do it. Even if you demand they do, they tell you they don't have the stock and can't. I asked to speak to the management and was told there's no management staff. This is the rudest most disgusting company I have ever had to deal with. I would never ever recommend you use this company under any circumstances. They should be charged or fined for the way they operate there business. This site would not let me give them a zero or negative star rating that is why they have 1/2 star. They do not deserve this even.
  • Terrible customer service. Waited 7 weeks for a single, standard sized screen door. Surly and unapologetic telephone staff. I guess they must be used to fielding complaints. The installer didn't even bother to sweep up their mess.

    I had a shocking experience with this company a few years ago and judging by the recent reviews, it appears the levels of service haven't improved at all!

    The quotation is where the good service started and ended. From there it was one problem after another. The installation date kept getting pushed back without any communication from the company, it was up to me to keep chasing.

    When the installation date finally arrived, I was flabbergasted by comments from the installer who was critical of the standard of workmanship of our home! At the time I was too stunned to respond. After completing only half the job, they left. One of the roller blinds had a tear in the fabric and they were unable to fit the fly screens as they were missing some parts. No apology, nothing.

    I phoned the office to discuss and spoke to a unfriendly and unhelpful person in 'customer service'. I had paid the account in full the day before so I asked if I was going to be compensated in some way for this inconvenience. To this inquiry I received a resounding "no". I asked that surely at least they could ensure this job be given priority, considering the company was clearly at fault? My request was noted. I also asked that a closer be fitted to the screen door (apparently this is not standard? It was certainly not pointed out to me at the time of the quote). I was advised that a closer would be extra $$. I also asked about a weather strip as there was a gap between the bottom of the screen door and the floor. I was advised the installer carried these in the van and could fit one for me.

    Eventually a date was set to finish the job. After the 2 hour window had passed, I phone the office yet again and was told they were running late. I questioned the staff as to why nobody had called to inform me? Their response was that the installer had my contact details and it was 'up to them to call me'.

    They finally arrived on our doorstep, 4 hours late, without a word of explanation or apology. When they indicated they were finished, I asked them about the weather strip. They responded in a curt tone that they'd not been told about it. They proceeded to speak to me in a very patronizing manner. As I was talking to them, they turned their back, walked to the van and drove off. They left me standing at my front door in shock.

    The overall service I received from Sydney Blinds and Screens, particularly the staff who did the installation, was absolutely APPALLING. Customer service is non existent, they are rude and the worst run business I have ever had to deal with. Their quote was the cheapest, but clearly you get what you pay for.
  • Very poor service. After getting quote and assurance that door could be installed after 4pm or on a Friday I have now been informed 4 weeks later that they cannot guarantee an after 4 installation and they do not install in my area (inner west), on a Friday. what a joke!! I have a deposit of $300.

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