Sydney Car Wash Cafe

Car Wash
Gordon, NSW
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Reviews of Sydney Car Wash Cafe

  • I was at this car wash yesterday with my girl friend. We weren't able to see whether or not the car had been washed.
    • Good news. We should soon be able to check on the cleanliness of the car, as it is now in the hands of more competent authorities.
  • Purchased a voucher thru Cudo for $165 full detail. Tried to ring Gordon, phone disconnected. Family member took the car there this morning, they didnt clean the inside, no vacuuming and a hand rub on duco only, all up finished in less than one hour. Very disappointing, would not recommend!!
  • Spent $160 on car detail and was extremely disappointed! Car wasn't vacuumed, seats & windscreen not cleaned. I've given this business several opportunities to get it right but today takes the topping. I'm never going back.
  • Very Doggy car wash! Don't go there!
    Be aware! There are Bounch of untrustworthy people working here. They will not take care of your car when washing and more than likely will not take any responsibility for any damage!
    Took my car there just for a general wash inside out. But they kept on pushing for a polish. As I had some minor starches and needed polishing, so I agreed for a polish for $78.
    Came back over an hour later, the car was not polished at all, the marks are still there, inside the car was still dirty, the wheels were absolute filthy! When I confronted them, they said "we don't clean the door", " it will hurt our hands to clean the wheels". And one guy just came over and told me" you go pay!".
    When I pointed out the problems, they wiped a bit more, and told me that was all they can do! I complained when paying, she couldn't give a dame! It almost looked like she was so used to this and really didn't care or even have any sense to engage with any complaint!
  • Very poor job, missed a lot of spits when vacuuming. Very little effort put into cleaning
  • Very disappointed with this service!
    First time I took my car there they gave it back to me with completely flat battery! The stereo and all the lights had been left on all afternoon. I got no excuse, only a "you must have had a bad battery" comments and a sigh when requested to jump start my car. Battery was not faulty and had no previous issues, after this it never really recovered and we had to buy a new one for $400. (I even consider the possibility they swapped the battery with an old one when they washed it...)
    Giving them the benefit of the doubt I took my other car there a few months later. This time getting a full detail package. It was returned to me with dirt marks on the leather that was not dirty to begin with, sand in the seats and floor, grease on the interior form using a dirty cloth, hand prints on the outside and even and extra (!) empty water bottle in the car.
    The attitude form the girls in reception is that the customers are bothering them. they threw the car keys on the counter when I gave it to them and was told the car would be done whenever - very sloppy.

    Will never go back there and have told all my colleagues in the area about it as well.
  • I had my car washed and they lost the key. It is 5 weeks and I have been leaving messages, letters, visiting the Gordon site and still no one has contacted me to arrange reimbursement for the cost of a new key. The phone number quoted here on their web page is disconnected. I am not happy with this company at all.
  • I come here as it is a family owned business and they ensure the car is perfectly clean. The parents of the owner run the small cafe attached so you can have a coffee whilst you wait.
    • It's interesting that the 3 latest 5 star reviews have all reviewed the Castle Hill and Gordon branches of this business.
      What an amazing coincidence.
    • It's interesting that the 3 latest 5 star reviews have all reviewed the Castle Hill and Gordon branches of this business.
      What an amazing coincidence.
    • It's interesting that the 3 latest 5 star reviews have all reviewed the Castle Hill and Gordon branches of this business.
      What an amazing coincidence.
  • We've been taking our cars to Sammy and the team for over 3 years now and they always aim to please. They are super-pedantic, efficient, very thorough and make sure that we're completely happy before we leave. Very highly recommend their service. Thanks guys!
  • I was highly dissatisfied with my experience today and their false advertising. Per their website, they close at 6 and washing only takes 30 mins. I arrived at 5 today and was told they werent accepting any more as they were closing. Upon my insistence, they accepted my car for washing. When I got my car half an hour later, my bonnet was still covered with bug and tar. When I complained, they said I was only using a voucher and it needs to be polished (which is an upgrade). I have been to this merchant many times before and while I dislike them turning on my car's radio and aircon at full blast while they clean, I was prepared to overlook it, hence I bought the voucher. I was very angry at their answer and so I left immediately and said I will be contacting Fair Trading. It was only when I looked at the voucher details again that I realised it says "removal of bugs and tar" and "hand polish". I took pictures of my car as proof. This merchant is obviously not fulfilling their advertised special. Yes, vouchers are discounted, however it's not a reason for this car wash cafe not to fulfill their word.